Best Daycares in Vancouver

The search for child care is something that all new parents go through. Quality programming and consistent parent communication are key to understanding your child’s early development. HiMama has compiled a list of the best daycares in Vancouver based on the parent resources they make available to the families they serve.

Best Daycare in Marpole

Kiddy Junction Academy

KJA.jpeg Kiddy Junction Academy is inspired by Montessori and Reggio approaches to early childhood education. Drawing on both philosophies makes the curriculum unique and child-centered. KJA respects children as individuals with capabilities to problem solve and form their own ideas. The center engages children’s interests and documents progress so that parents can trust that their child is part of a safe and supportive community.

Best Daycare in Mt Pleasant

Extra Steps

ExtraSteps.jpeg Extra Steps is a play-based center that focuses on the 5 developmental domains for young children: physical, intellectual, linguistic, emotional and social in order to prepare them for their schooling beyond preschool. The center also prioritizes children as individuals and builds meaningful relationships with families.

Best Daycares in Kerrisdale

Little People Preschool

LittlePeople.jpeg Little People provides children with a hands-on learning experience with a lot of sensory stimulation through the organization of play spaces that encourage early development. The center has a play-based curriculum with teachers that are always on the move with the children. Each teacher encourages the growth of the individual and promotes community awareness within groups for social development.

My Whole Earth Academy

MyWholeEarth.jpg My Whole Earth Academy emphasizes the practice of process in order for children to gain problem solving skills that can be applied to achieving goals in different settings as opposed to the traditional method of learning through a structured rubric. While the centre still teaches traditional skills such as math and language, these are taught through experiential learning that allows children to build skills the help them understand the world in preschool and beyond in relevant and practical situations.

Best Daycare in Kitsilano

Kitsilano Area Child Care

KitsilanoAreaCC.jpg Kits Area Child Care offers programs for children from 30 months – 5 years of age. This play-based center provides an environment that both challenges and supports early childhood development of young children. The goal of each program is to foster confident children that are able to have a sense of personal achievement from their learning.

Best Daycare in Arbutus Ridge

Monkey See Monkey Do Montessori

MonkeySeeMonkeyDo.jpg Monkey See Monkey Do Montessori Ltd. is a program that meets the expectations of parents who are looking for an academically-oriented program. The center follows the Montessori Training Center of B.C’s methods while including activities such as arts, music, outdoor / nature play and much more. This list is non-exhaustive and serves as a starting point for your search. For more resources, visit Westcoast Child Care Resources Centre.

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