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So teachers can spend more time with the children, and EVERYONE can spend less time on paperwork... and much more. Get up & running in 1 week!

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Being a superstar center just got a lot easier...


Tired of changing the ink cartridges? Record photos, observations and activities on a tablet. Send reports to parents with a tap. Hand-written documentation is so 2012.
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HiMama improves the quality of their programs


Spending your evenings creating reports? Attendance, portfolios, development assessments... all automatically generated with HiMama. Take a break, you deserve it.
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HiMama saves them time on reporting


Feel like the phone's glued to your face? Parent engagement is what we do best. Parents stay informed with automatic updates, your phone stops ringing. Silence is truly golden.
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HiMama fosters better communication with parents


Afraid you’re not tech savvy enough for cool software? We pride ourselves on being super easy to use & set up, and our friendly team is always here to help you. We got you covered!
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HiMama is easy to use (and 39% consider themselves not "tech-savvy"!)


Looking for ways to empower your exceptional educators? Give your teachers state of the art early learning tools to make their jobs more effective and enriching. Be ready to say "You're welcome."
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HiMama empowers their educators in their role


Pleasing parents always on the brain? Parents are thrilled with their HiMama portal, which they can access on the web, via mobile apps, and email. Happy parents are a beautiful thing.
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HiMama adds to their overall satisfaction with their child care provider


No time left for marketing? Impress parents with real-time updates. Our beautiful reports and portfolios will make your programming shine. Your center has never looked this good.
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HiMama makes their programs standout from other programs
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Learning & Development with HiMama

You've got the knowledge, we've got the tools.


Plan your programs
  • Plan learning experiences for the week.
  • Link development skills from your framework to activities.
  • Share program plans with parents.


Document observations Observe & record


Reflect on learning
Early childhood lesson and development planning
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HiMama is the #1 Reviewed & Rated Child Care Software

With hundreds of reviews and a 4.5 star rating
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Directors, Educators and Parents HiMama

HiMama was built specially for Directors, Educators & Parents



Since implementing HiMama parents have come to realize how much programming and planning is done at the center.

Angela, Child Care Director of Operations



The HiMama service has extremely enhanced my work as an ECE by creating a bridge for me to share with and include my families in our everyday activities.

Laura, Early Childhood Educator (ECE)



I love getting pictures of my child throughout the day while I'm at work. It makes me feel like I'm a part of his day.

Lindsey, HiMama Parent at Early Learning Program
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We've got hundreds of testimonials and a 4.5 star rating!

HiMama is woven into the daily fabric of Growing Together because it expertly promotes our core values: Well being, excellence, relationships, availability, accountability & creativity.

Debbi Sluys, Executive Director of Growing
    Together Family Resource Center
Debbi Sluys, Executive Director of Growing Together Family Resource Center

Since starting the program the response from parents has been astounding! Parents continue the learning at home with discussion and reviewing pictures from the day.

Angela Valeri, Director of Operations at
    Kindertown Child Care Center
Angela Valeri, Director of Operations at Kindertown Child Care Center

Moments Recorded Worldwide

Moments Recorded Worldwide
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