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Life at HiMama!

Why Join Us?

You get to go to work everyday to promote a product that helps improve the development of thousands of young children between the ages of zero to five!

Who We Are

HiMama is made up of sons, daughters, fathers and mothers, passionate about improving learning outcomes for children aged zero to five. As a purpose driven business, our genuine and committed team is working hard to build innovative technology that families and early childhood educators love.

Our Founders

Ron Spreeuwenberg (he/him)

Co-founder & CEO

After years consulting for major companies across several continents, Ron has shifted his energy to focus on a mission that he truly believes in, constantly being inspired by the smiles of parents. Ron has over ten years of experience helping companies to improve their operations through technology and strives to do the same for childcare and early learning programs everywhere. Ron holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Alana Frome (she/her)

Co-founder & CTO

An engineer at heart, Alana is passionate about imagining and building technology from the ground up. Alana has more than 10 years of software development experience, but she’s also worked as a teacher and continues to be an advocate for girls in STEM, so she’s thrilled to be working on products that aim to better early childhood education. Alana holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

HiMama Perks

Dedicated career paths for high performers

Flexible work hours

Catered lunch and learns for professional development

Ongoing team celebrations and social activities

Supportive team atmosphere & culture

Office located in the heart of downtown Toronto

HiMama gives back volunteer program

Employee health benefits

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About the HiMama Product

HiMama is the ultimate all-in-one childcare app. We help childcare providers streamline operations, delight families and improve program quality!

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We Are Loved by Our Users!

With a 4.5 star rating we are the #1 rated and reviewed daycare app in the childcare space.

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Bring Your Authentic Self To Work Everyday

HiMama welcomes and celebrates individuals of all backgrounds, orientations, and identities. Our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee aims to ensure we provide a safe environment for everyone to thrive while bringing their authentic selves to work. Our mission is to promote an inclusive work space for all employees through Education, Discussion, and Celebration of our differences. Embracing these differences while coming together with a common purpose is what makes our team extra special.

Our Core Values

Our values are described in simple statements of action because they underlie everything we do. Whenever we’re stuck on something, we find these basic principles helpful in navigating us to a path forward.

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Thought Leadership

As part of our mission to bring early childhood education into the 21st century, we place great emphasis on providing our community with thought leadership. Here are just a few ways we do this:

The HiMama Blog

We publish articles every week on child care, parenthood, and early education.

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Department Breakdown

Product & Engineering

We're a humble and hardworking team committed to imagining and building great products for preschool teachers and families with young children. We've got millions of users and fun challenges that keep us curious and busy.

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"Join for the product, stay for the team. It's awesome to get to live in a product that is truly making such a positive impact in early childhood education. But it's our diverse and thoughtful team that makes us a special place to be. Come find out, because my crappy quotation doesn't do us justice :)"

Alana (she/her)

Co-Founder & CTO

Department Breakdown


Sales is a home for anyone that wants to be part of a humble, passionate and winning team. At the core, we are driven by improving the lives of teachers, parents, ultimately the kiddos by helping childcare providers adapt our amazing technology. Learning is at our core - whether you're just starting your career, or looking to take it the next level - we have a world-class enablement engine in place to grow you.

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"It's hard to quantify the impact of culture in a sales organization - but for me, that's the secret sauce to why we win. It starts with salespeople that want to be the best they can be, leadership that genuinely cares about their people, and a company that is passionate about making the world a better place. That's what we've got going for us."

Charlie (he/him)

VP of Sales

Department Breakdown

Customer Success

At HiMama, Customer Success is focused on empowering and supporting educators. We strive to help make educators lives easier, and enable them to achieve more. The team is compassionate and passionate about early childhood education.

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"Customer Success at HiMama is so special because you're working directly with front line educators everyday. You get to see and be a part of the very real impact that HiMama is having in people's lives. You can make a positive impact on this team every single day."

Chandler (he/him)

Director of Customer Success and Revenue Operations

Department Breakdown

Finance/People Operations

Everyday, while all the other HiMama departments strive towards our very important mission of improving early childhood education, the Finance and People teams work hard in the background to keep the HiMama engine humming. From launching employee programs, to keeping our runway healthy, we do things with a people-first lens and are continuously building the company's infrastructure for new horizons.

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Our team is small but mighty. We're proud to support such a high-performing group of good people, and are fortunate to be able to do so in a well-funded and financially-efficient business. HiMama has large ambitions and talent galore—it's a blast to build here.

Kyle (he/him)

Director of Finance and Operations

Department Breakdown


The marketing team at HiMama values creativity, problem solving, getting stuff done, and being scrappy. We are a revenue focused team with the goal of fueling growth for the business and building a great brand within the early childhood education market.

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"I love working for high-growth tech companies. What makes HiMama truly special is that we are also a social purpose business. Being part of a team that has not only delivered 1317%+ growth, while investing in communities we serve and improving educational outcomes for kiddos makes working here more than just a job. You truly get to be part of a bigger picture and can see how your efforts go beyond just the bottom line."

Melissa (she/her)

VP of Marketing

Department Breakdown

Revenue Operations

Revenue Operations is responsible for operations across Marketing, Sales and Customer Success. The team is focused on delivering deep and meaningful data driven insight, building effective process and enabling the teams with the right training and tools to succeed. Revenue Operations is a partner for all revenue generating teams with a responsibility for building customer centric processes that are effective and efficent.

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"HiMama has built a revops team early on to weave it into the fabric of how we work. It's a team of hardcore problem solvers who love analytics, are customer centric, collaborative and are excited about building. Revops gives you limitless opportunity to learn and have an impact on every aspect of the business."

Chandler (he/him)

Director of Customer Success and Revenue Operations

Our Awards