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Preschool App for Teachers and Educators

Plan your program and document observations all in one place

Have you ever felt like your work has no visibility? It is time for a change. With HiMama you can easily showcase all your hard work to directors and parents alike. From daily reports to real-time center updates, everyone will stay in the loop about your projects in the classroom.

The perfect sidekick for our teacher heroes

  • Get real-time center updates to check how many kids are checked in or out, the ratio of children per teacher, and more.

  • Manage staff using the same interface. Teachers can clock themselves in and out, and administrators can manage staff certificates and time cards.

  • Create tuition plans and invoices, and collect payments from parents. Streamline your center and never miss a payment again!

Get the recognition your program & teachers deserve

97% of customers say HiMama makes their programs stand out from others

You’ve got the knowledge, we’ve got the tools

  • The average early childhood educator spends 45 minutes per day on documentation.

  • Our childcare management software is quicker than existing documentation methods and intuitive for all staff to use.

  • Designed by early childhood educators and childcare operations directors to let you spend more time with the kids.

Say goodbye to paper reports

  • Complement face-to-face communications with real time picture updates, directly to parents’ emails and smartphones.

  • Provide daily childcare reports that parents can review at their leisure, at home, at work or even on the go.

  • See updates from each classroom, with full visibility of communication in the center - all stored digitally.

Our preschool app has many features to enhance your work

Track Attendance

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Schedule Activities

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Record Activities

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