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About Us

About Us

HiMama provides a quick and easy way for childcare programs and parents to record and share children's activities, everything from silly and fun moments to learning and developmental milestones. Our solution for childcare and early learning programs is based on extensive research and interviews with early childhood educators and enables quick and intuitive recording of observations in the early childhood setting, as well as instant sharing with parents through real-time emails and updates through our mobile apps. In addition to staying informed on their children's activities while in childcare programs, parents can also log their children’s activities so they’ll never forget their favorite stories and can always relive through photos and videos in their child's online journal.

Our Story

HiMama was inspired by something simple: the joy of receiving a photo that captures a moment in your child’s day, and we wanted to make sharing these moments easier.

With this in mind we came together in 2012 to create innovative ways for parents, caregivers and others to record, share and relive a child’s moments. We were fascinated by the possibilities of combining modern technology with long-standing simple pleasures, like hearing about someone’s day or seeing a fun photo.

We’re happy with the progress we’ve made, but know there is a lot more to do. We will continuously bring the best technology to HiMama so long as we can ensure it's done with happiness and magic.

Our Team

The HiMama team is made up of a group of committed professionals, parents, daughters, uncles and aunts who are working hard to build a product and a company that we can all be proud of. We hope you like our creations!
Ron Spreeuwenberg
Co-founder & CEO
After several years consulting for major companies across several continents, Ron has shifted his energy to focus on a mission that he truly believes in, constantly being inspired by the smiles of parents. Ron has over 8 years of experience helping companies to improve their operations through technology and strives to do the same for childcare and early learning programs everywhere. Ron holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from Harvard Business School.
Alana Frome
Co-founder & CTO
An engineer at heart, Alana is passionate about creating and building technology from the ground up. After over 8 years of web-development experience across many industries, Alana is thrilled to be working on software that aims to better early childhood education. Alana holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Our Commitment

At HiMama we are committed to operating with the utmost integrity and treating our customers and users how we would want to be treated. This pervasive commitment spans our terms, our privacy policy, our pricing and the way in which we conduct business. If you feel we are not upholding these commitments in any way, please contact us so we can address and rectify any lapses.