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With over 25,000 ratings and reviews, HiMama is used and loved by thousands of childcare centers just like yours.

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Our childcare app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. Download our app by using the links below

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Whether you’re an owner, director, teacher or parent, you download the same HiMama app. Your credentials will unlock a different experience depending on your role. Pretty nifty -eh?

What is the HiMama App?

HiMama is the app that allows you and your staff to run childcare center from your fingertips. Created and designed by early childhood experts to improve learning outcomes and help manage your center. Learn how our childcare app can help your centers improve parent satisfaction, increase enrolment, improve your quality rating, and so much more.

All the Features You Need in Just One Place

With features designed for the new normal including contactless check-in, cashless payments and digital reports, HiMama is the perfect childcare app for the new times.

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You’re not alone. We have worked with thousands of renters big and small all over the worlds. Our human awesomeness brings a special touch beyond our app to arm your center with the latest technology, the best early childhood education thought leaders, nd dedicated human support to help you always.

Curious to know more?

You can download HiMama from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android). You can also use our web application straight from your desktop by visiting our Login page.

Parents can download HiMama from the App Store or Google Play, depending on your device. It’s the same app that teachers and directors use! If you prefer, you can also access HiMama from your desktop here.

HiMama works on all Android and iOS (Apple) devices. This means you can access it anytime, anywhere and at a price that works for you.

Purchasing a tablet can seem overwhelming at first, but we want to remove the stress from this process by providing you with some great device options. The ideal tablet for an educator should be highly portable, have a long-lasting battery life, and have a quality camera that can truly capture those special moments for parents. Check our recommended devices!

HiMama is free for parents of children enrolled in participating childcare centers. There is however a charge for childcare centers who adopt our app. We offer custom pricing based on your center’s needs and size. Centers can also take advantage of our free trial to learn more about the app and take it for a test drive.

Childcare centers have different needs based on their size, location, learning type, etc. That’s why we built HiMama to be highly customizable! As such our pricing varies depending on your center needs and size. Request a customized quote for your center. (As always, HiMama is free for parents to use.)

When you get started with HiMama, you will get access to a dedicated resource that will help you adopt and train your staff and parents on how to use our app throughout your childcare center. This includes teachers, parents, owners and directors.

No! We designed our childcare app with the goal of letting teachers spend more time teaching, and to highlight all of the amazing work that they do. We believe that teachers are superstars and that our childcare app can help them spend less time on paperwork and more time in the classroom.

We would love to show you how! Schedule your demo today.

Don’t Take Our Word For It: Here’s What Customers Have to Say About HiMama

At HiMama we hear from teachers, parents, directors and owners daily about how much we’ve impacted their centers and children. (It’s the best part of our job.) From making a teacher feel like a superstar, to hearing from a parent about how we helped capture their kiddos first steps, to talking to an owner that we’ve helped expand their business to an additional location we take pride in the relationships that we create with our customers and the early childhood community.


Our pre-school uses this app, it is brilliant as they keep you updated on your child and even include some photos at the end of the day and you get a report on how your child’s day was… this is a brilliant app to use by pre-schools and I’m very happy with it

Lizanda | 07/10/2020

Great asset to our childcare program

I think this is a great asset to our program, and I could not imagine having to go back to the pen and paper method of daily reporting. My parents and staff love this program!

Bailee A. | 02/25/2020

Love seeing my son!

I am a first time mom and my son just started at his first childcare. You don’t know how much it means to me to see him throughout the day, know what he’s doing and how he is doing. It means the world to me. I am so happy the center uses this app.

T. Fritz | 09/10/2020

Great childcare app!

I love the simplicity of this childcare app! Includes everything from daily values and skills being instilled in our children to photos and schedule. It’s easy to share information and user friendly!

Ionas Mom | 05/01/2020

Himama App

The most valuable app on my phone. My husband and I live far from our grandson Zayan and having to see his progress and things he does at play school really blesses our hearts. Amazing!:)!

Lropney68 | 12/09/2019