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Daycare Templates

Free printable forms for childcare centers

Hand written reports dragging you down? You’ve come to the right place! HiMama has a wide assortment of flexible, easy-to-use childcare templates for any program to save time. Choose from a wide selection of printable forms and get started!

Printable Templates For In Class

Infant Daily Reports

Record meals, naps, diapers and more with our daily reports for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

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Sign In Sheets

Track daycare attendance by child or by class with our sign in and sign out sheets.

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Lesson Plan

Plan for the week ahead with this easy lesson plan template. Log activities, domain, skills, and indicators.

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Behaviour Chart

Track your students’ behavior and reward them for making progress on a skill that they are working on.

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Progress Report

Check the progress of each student with this must have sheet for the domains of learning.

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Observation Report

Fill out these quick activity observation reports to gain insights into how each child is doing in preschool.

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Daily Schedule

Log the activities you carry out each day in the classroom using our daily schedule templates.

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Printable Templates For Admin Work

Budget Template

Manage your centers’ budget with this smart template that makes it easy to record income and expenses.

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Cleaning Checklist

Ensure your center is sparkling clean with this checklist that tracks daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

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Daycare Application for Employees

Make collecting job applications easier at your daycare center with this handy employment application template.

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Daycare Menus

Plan all the meals for the week ahead with these templates that are perfect to be shared with families.

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Childcare Accident Report

Report any incidents that happen at your center with this template that includes incident description and the treatment given.

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Evaluation Form

Evaluate your daycare staff in a transparent manner from professionalism to teamwork with this helpful form.

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COVID printables

Printables to inform children and parents about mask requirements in the daycare

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Printable Templates For Parents

Photo Release Form

Get parent’s consent before photographing children in your daycare center with this photo release form.

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Kindergarten Readiness

Check if your kiddos are ready for kindergarten with this convenient kindergarten readiness checklist.

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Babysitter Log Template

Set babysitters up for success with this log template that mimics what you do at preschool.

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Daycare Allergy Form

Keep track of allergies and symptoms from your preschool students with this easy to use allergy form.

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Child Information Sheet

Encourage parents to fill up this child information sheet so you can easily access this information when needed.

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Parent Teacher Conference

Place Holder for brief printable description and SEO text. Should be a maximum of 3 lines and between fifteen and twenty words.

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Other Resources

Daycare Name Generator

Find a catchy name for your center by using our name generator for daycares and preschools.

Use Generator

Childcare Templates by HiMama

Our printable daycare forms are used by teachers and educators to keep track of children’s activities each day. They are useful to communicate to parents and families what their kiddos have been up to during the day. Our daycare sheets come in different shapes and formats, to better suit your needs: weekly or monthly, PDF or PNG. After choosing the ones you need, all that’s left for you to do is print them out and fill them out. These printable forms are especially useful for home daycare centers, as they make it easy to stay organized and keep track of all your daily activities. Did we mention that these sheets are 100% free? We hope they come in handy for you!

Ready To Go Digital?

With HiMama you can get access to digital daycare templates that can speed up your paperwork.