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Daycare Sign In Sheet Templates

Need daycare sign in and sign out sheets for tracking attendance? No matter the template you’re looking for, we got you covered. Now where did Johnny go!?

What is a daycare sign in sheet?

Printable attendance sheets are used by caregivers, teachers, home daycare providers and directors to keep track of children that are signed in by their parents each day. This is done often to conform to state or provincial guidelines around reporting attendance, as well as give families peace of mind that their child has been accounted for at the time of drop-off. Some centers also collect initials by the parents and/or teachers on their sign in and out forms. You can use forms that are split either by day or by week, depending on what's easier for your center.

Why is it important to use preschool sign in sheets?

The most important thing for a preschool is that the teachers know the location of their students at all times! Printable attendance sheets help keep track of which kiddos are at the center and which are off sick, on vacation or truant on a given day (and are often required by your licensing body). But there are some other less obvious reasons why you might want to introduce them to your center.

  • Health records: If you need to have a conversation with a family about a child's health, it may be useful to point to their attendance record.
  • Peace of mind: Families will feel much more at ease at pick up and drop off time if they can see their child being "checked in" and acknowledged by the teacher. This can be especially true for home daycares, as in some states it may not be required to fill out attendance sheets. In those cases, introducing daycare sign in and out sheets can go a long way! li>
  • Planning vacations: If you know a child is going to be on vacation, you can fill that information out in advance into your printable sheet.

How to use our attendance sheet templates

HiMama's daycare sign in sheets have been created for you, the child care owner, director, or teacher. These printable attendance sheet templates are 100% free for you to use in your group or home child care programs. We hope these resources come in handy for you!

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