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Daycare Software Made Easy

Engage your families and empower your staff with HiMama. Our childcare software combines an intuitive, easy-to-use solution with the depth of capabilities that you and your families require. With every feature you need, from parent communication to billing, HiMama is the all-in-one software to manage your classroom with ease.

Smooth Parent Communication

HiMama makes it easy to communicate with parents via the app, text or email. You can share videos, updates, photos, and more. Delight parents and bridge the gap between learning that happens in your program and learning at home.

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Contactless Check-In

Parents can check-in their children securely from their mobile devices. No paper or pen required. Timestamps register the time each child arrived to the exact minute.

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Comprehensive Classroom Management

Have your classroom at your fingertips. Use tablets to record observations through a simple to use interface, and share pictures and reports with parents in real time. Plus, directors and supervisors can stay in the loop about what is happening in each classroom.

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Advanced Daily Sheets

Goodbye paper daily reports! HiMama saves you on average five hours a week. Use our digital daily sheets for meals, naps, activities and more. Send the daily reports automatically by the end of the day or manually whenever you need.

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screenshot of children's daily report displaying notes, activities and meals, hovering over a purple dashed rectangle

Effortless Observations

Attach photos or videos with classroom observations to show their development in action. Save time by making notes about all children at once, multiple at a time, or child by child, if you need to. Plus, you can easily tag them by age range, domain, and skill.

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screenshot of activity log with two polaroid pictures hovering over a green dashed rectangle

Informative Assessment

Your program provides stimulating learning and development activities, but are parents informed about your hard work? Enter HiMama to save the day. Every child receives a unique development report showing teacher’s notes across learning domains, all aligned to your developmental standards.

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screenshot of development report with pie chart displaying social, physical and emotional domains, hovering over blue dashed rectangle

Simple Billing

If you’re using a manual system to keep track of payments, things can get overwhelming. But don’t worry, we are here to help. HiMama allows you to set flexible tuition plans, create and send custom invoices, generate reports and track all your billing activities at a glance.

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Screenshot of invoice report with illustration of yellow coins and green dollar bills, hovering over yellow dashed rectangle

Smart Lesson Planning

Use HiMama to record planned learning experiences for the week and automatically align them to your program’s learning domains, such as cognitive, sensory, or physical development. Plus, you can automatically connect to your state or province’s framework.

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Screenshot of activity planner with a large blue plus sign inside a white circle, hovering over purple dashed rectangle

Beautiful Portfolios

Portfolios are a great way to see a child’s experiences in an organized format. Say goodbye to binders and hello to our online portfolio, which is automatically generated as educators record photos, stories and observations in the classroom.

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Screenshot of a portfolio containing pictures of children's activities, hovering over green dashed rectangle

Preschool Activity Planner

Access developmentally-appropriate activities developed by HiMama’s team of early childhood educators to share with your staff or families. Complete with step-by-step instructions, videos and free printables, never run out of inspiration for fun new activities!

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  • Adopted and adored by thousands of early childhood educators and teachers

  • Unlimited phone & email support for staff and families

  • Comprehensive support resources, including how-to videos

  • The #1 rated childcare app on the planet

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