Best Daycares in Calgary

One of the biggest questions that come to mind when parents are expecting is: “How do we find the best preschool for our child?” All childcare centres offer tours of their facility where parents can explore their play spaces, observe programming and meet some of the staff. One useful step in planning is to do some scouting ahead to get a sense of what you want from your centre. That way, you’ll better understand the best fit for your child and family. Here’s a list of daycares in Calgary with the most comprehensive photo galleries! Centres on this list have been accredited by Alberta’s Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services and are centres that provide full-day service. Out-of-school care and day homes are excluded from this list.

Top Daycares in Northwest Calgary / Northeast Calgary

Panda Child Development Centre

PandaCDC.jpg Panda CDC emphasizes quality programming that is developmentally appropriate within and inclusive environment for children and families. They focus on relationships between their educators and children as well as families. The centre also pays attention to its curriculum and age-appropriate developmental assessment of children. They are also a play-based program with learning opportunities for every age.

Kids U (McKnight)

KidsUMcKnight.jpg Kids U is an inclusive organization that provides a stimulating and caring environment for children. The organization has 7 locations in Calgary and the McKnight location has the best reviews on Google. KidsU has a big team of educators as well as a program implementation team with expertise in both Montessori and Reggio approaches.

ESG Child Learning Centre

ESG ESG Child Learning Centre offers a range of activities that promote the age-appropriate activities for the 5 developmental domains of a child. They have 2 locations in Vista Heights and Coventry Hills

Dominican Sisters

DominicanSisters This centre has been in business for 39 years and is run by Christian Catholic nuns. The centre prides itself on its inclusivity and commitment to multiculturalism. Their programming also pays attention to the development of morals and ethics in a young child’s development.

Top Daycares in Downtown Calgary

Cedarbrae Childcare

Cedarbrae.jpg Located in Southwestern Calgary, Cedarbrae Childcare has a facility that houses 3 outdoor play areas. The center champions a holistic approach to both full-time childcare and after-school programs (for older children) and has little to no rotation on their staff roster, meaning that families can build lasting relationships with the educators that they work with.

Inglewood Child Development Centre

Inglewood.png Inglewood CDC, formally known as Alexandra Children’s Centre, has a play-based philosophy that promotes holistic learning and development. Established in 1975, the centre is homegrown in the Inglewood neighbourhood and has a strong focus on parent participation and involvement in the centre’s operations.

Little Treasures

LittleTreasures.jpg Little Treasures adopts an approach the incorporates child-led and structured programming that considers developmentally appropriate activities for each stage of early childhood. The centre has been in operation for 7 years.

Bow Valley Child Care Center

Bow Valley Child Care Center Bow Valley Child Care Centre focuses on nutrition, physical literacy, creative expression, developmental observations and play, tailoring each child’s learning to their unique situation. The centre prioritizes educator-child relationships and creates an environment where positive role modelling helps children develop from a social-emotional perspective.

Little World’s Learning Center

LWLC.jpg Little World’s Learning Center is a bilingual program (English and Spanish) that provides an environment that is both structured and play-based. The program offers an environment where children can grow emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically. If you would like to do further research you can use Alberta’s Child Care Lookup Tool that lists all the licensed preschools in your neighbourhood.

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