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Early Childhood Education Learning and Development with HiMama

A cornerstone of quality child care is enabling the development of children with educational curriculum and programming. This is why learning and development is a central component of the HiMama child care app that helps educators to plan, document and reflect on learning.




Plan your programs and learning for the week:
  • Create program plans with learning experiences for the week
  • Link domains, skills and indicators from your development framework
  • Automatically add program plans to your monthly calendar
  • Share program plans with parents or keep them private




Document observations of children's development:
  • Easily add photo and video observations using a tablet
  • Automatically align observations to your development framework
  • Set the context of observations by adding your own notes
  • Share learning and development with parents in real time




Reflect on learning with families & educators:
  • Discuss and reflect on learning by reviewing online portfolios
  • Assess gaps in programming across learning domains
  • Inform parents on children’s learning with automatically generated development assessments
  • Keep an open dialogue with parents through regular engagement

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