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Best Child Care Centres in Ottawa

The population of preschool-aged children in Canada has been growing steadily since 2011, prompting the increase of demand for childcare. When looking for childcare in Ontario, it is useful to have an idea of the types of curriculum and the two Ministry of Education pedagogical frameworks that licensed centers apply in their programming: Although both documents are similar in that they promote child-led and reflective teaching practices, centers are gradually transitioning their approach from the older ELECT document towards the more recent HDLH approach. HiMama has compiled a list of the best preschools in Ottawa based on attention to curriculum, parent reviews and online presence. Without further ado, here they are:

Glebe Reggio Centre Sunnyside Footsteps

GlebeReggio.png This is this best reggio-inspired child care center in Glebe. The program places a lot of emphasis on creating an environment that encourages children learn through exploration and discovery. Watch their introduction video.

River Parkway Children’s Centre

RiverParkway.png River Parkway Children’s Centre is the top preschool in Woodroffe-Lincoln Heights. It is child-centered, play-based center has an approach that offers a balance between active and quiet activities for age appropriate development aligned with both ELECT and HDLH. Check out their photo gallery.

Little Love Bugs

LittleLoveBugs.jpg Little Love Bugs is the best daycare in Bel Air Heights. The center tailors its programming to be child-led with reflective teaching approaches that emphasizes relationships between children, educators and familiies. View their picture gallery.

Bettye Hyde ELC

Bettye Hyde is the best childcare centre in Sandy Hills. It is a parent-cooperative that emphasizes parent participation and provides the support and resources for parents to better understand early childhood development. If you are someone who wants to be more involved in your child’s preschool, this might be the centre for you. Their Instagram is pretty awesome, follow them @bettyehyde.

The Children’s Place

TheChildrensPlace.jpg The Children’s Place is the top flexible childcare center in Carlington (and Ottawa proper). It is featured on this list because it offers 24/7 care for parents who work non-traditional hours or are juggling commitments such as school. This center has amazing parent reviews and is fulfilling a special need. You can check out their photo gallery. This is is non-exhaustive and non-exclusive and intended as a guide for parents looking for child care in Ottawa. Here are more resources to help your search:

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