HiMama Enterprise

Happy teachers. Delighted parents.

Recruit and retain talent by empowering teachers to build genuine relationships with families. Delight parents with a magical experience.

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How it Works
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Advance quality of child care programs

The average early childhood educator spends 45 minutes per day on documentation. Our digital childcare daily reports solution was designed by early childhood educators and childcare operations directors to be quicker than existing documentation methods and intuitive for all staff to use which means more time with the kids.

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Boost customer satisfaction and advocacy

Parents absolutely love HiMama. They feel more connected with their child during the day, have more visibility into program activities, and are more informed and engaged in their child’s learning and development.

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Enable talent recruitment and retention

HiMama helps teachers to do their job. It transforms administrative tasks into something fun and enjoyable. Communications with parents result in positive reinforcement and recognition making them feel valued as educators.

HiMama has extremely enhanced my work as an ECE by creating a bridge for me to share with and include my families in our everyday activities.

- Laura, Early Childhood Educator

Since implementing HiMama parents have been over the moon with the new information, the updates on programming and the pictures throughout the day

- Angela, Director of Operations

It has been very empowering for our staff. They have been given a tool to easily show parents all of the hard work and effort they put into their jobs every day.

- Jennifer, Early Childhood Supervisor