Top 5 Daycares in Fort Worth

What are the top daycares in Fort Worth?
Everything really is bigger in Texas, including your choice in child care providers! Trying to find the best daycare centers in Fort Worth doesn’t have to mean days of research and weeks of facility tours. Start your search by reading local reviews and guides like ours to develop a short list of highly rated places. At HiMama, we’ve developed a list of some of the best rated early learning centers in Fort Worth. Our top picks are based on parent reviews as well as educational programs and extra features for parents. All daycares are licensed by the state through the Department of Family Protective Services. You can search Texas daycare ratings and licensing via their website.
Childcare Network at Silver Sage is located in North Fort Worth and operates from 6 AM to 6:30 PM. They receive consistently high ratings from loyal parents for their modern approach to learning and commitment school safety. Childcare Network classes are well-rounded and taught according to their High Reach Learning Curriculum. Parents can take comfort in the center’s restricted building access, classroom video monitoring, and bus security.
Primrose School is one of the best rated preschools in south Fort Worth. Their trademarked Balanced Learning approach to education compiles 8 educational components in varying degrees, based on age group. They are committed to open communication in an exceptional environment where parents can stay in near-constant contact with classrooms via the Primrose School’s 360 Connect feature.
Closer to the east central Fort Worth area, Little Tyke Learning Center is well-rated and conveniently located for DFW commuters. Little Tyke Learning Centers are a presence in the community and they take pride in their TykerSmart curriculum and companion programs. Some of these include special fitness, nutrition, and organic farming activities for preschoolers. For families with few resources, Little Tyke has financial assistance programs available.
The Children’s Courtyard offers programs and parent features that few other early learning centers have. They are one of the only daycares with an accelerated preschool program for gifted and advanced children and a dedicated mobile app for parents to use. Their “Watch Me Grow” classroom video stream gives moms and dads peace of mind and the chance to see what their student learns each day.

Xplor Preschool has a well-rounded curriculum and is a member of the Nobel Learning Community of Schools. Parents of students with special needs rate the staff well for their sensitive and accommodating approach. Xplor communicates with parents by sending home daily reports about their toddler’s day. The Xplor preschool program includes exposure to foreign language, simple use of computers, and a specialized fitness plan for young children.
This list is an incomplete guide of daycare options in Fort Worth and is intended as a recommendation only. For help with what to look for, check out these great resources: For help with what to look for, check out these handy resources:

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