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As a working mom who went back to work, leaving my daughter at a daycare was difficult. The first time I received an update about what she was doing, it made me cry because I could see that she was happy and in great hands. Thanks HiMama, you made this transition back to work easier for this Mom!

Jennifer, Superstar Mom

The parents in my program LOVE this app. The staff and I have adjusted nicely to navigating it. I love that my staff can input their lessons and attach them with a photo of the actual lesson. It also reduces the amount of printing and copying we do to maintain our old lessons.

Lindsay, Executive Director at Kalia Schools

I love getting photos throughout the day. One picture says a thousand words and helps me tell that my child is happy and learning. When I am not there, this is the absolute best to receive and by far the best benefit of HiMama. There is also more room for communicating my childs' interests to Educators and finding out what they are learning or working on that day.

Sheila, Mom at LaSalle Monetessori
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