Why Join? Parents

With our Teacher - Parent Communication App, you will never miss a moment.

Easily capture and share your child's development so you'll never forget. From fun pictures and stories to developmental milestones. Comunicate with your childcare center. With our school parent app, you''ll receive updates from your child directly to your phone.

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How it Works
Graphic image of a camera and polorid pictures of children at a daycare center or dayhome.

Free your staff to focus on the kids, not the paperwork

The average early childhood educator spends 45 minutes per day on documentation. Our digital childcare daily reports solution was designed by early childhood educators and childcare operations directors to be quicker than existing documentation methods and intuitive for all staff to use which means more time with the kids.

A graphic image of a cell phone, with a picture of a child on it with an arrow pointing to reports and food. This image represents HiMama's daily reports.

Connect with parents using digital communications

Parents are often busy when dropping off and picking up their kids from child care. By complementing face-to-face communications with real time picture updates and digital daily reports, you'll delight parents and bridge the gap between learning that happens in your program and learning at home.

A graphic image of a child in the middle of a circle surrounded with graphic images of their family.

Get the recognition your programs & staff deserve

You treat every child as unique, providing them with individual attention on their personal development path. However, whiteboards, emails and newsletters do not reveal this special effort. With HiMama you can exhibit your hard work by providing parents with relevant information specific to their child’s growth.

You can easily capture and share milestones, events, photos...

Parents... can stay informed without killing dozens of trees in the process.

...Having their Grandparents in their day-to-day lives is Priceless