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Don't miss a moment. Never lose a memory.

Easily capture and share your child's development so you'll never forget. From fun pictures and stories to developmental milestones.
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Daycare digital reports

Never forget those
special moments

Being a parent is always busy and memories are easily lost without a convenient way to record them. Capture moments and memories that would normally be fleeting. Big or small, your child's special moments are too precious to forget.

Daycare newsletter tool

Connect with your
childcare center

Feel like you’re missing out on moments while your child is in daycare? If your childcare provider subscribes to HiMama you’ll receive updates on your child’s activities to your email and smartphone – everything from health and nutrition to learning and development.

Tadpoles daily reports

Keep family and
friends in the loop

New content defaults to private so no need to hold back - add every little thing! Then, when you want to share, easily send to your close family and friends with the click of a button. Your family can't be with your child every day, but that doesn't mean they should miss out!

You can easily capture and share milestones, events, photos...

Jenn, Mother and Blogger
at That's What She Said

Parents... can stay informed without killing dozens of trees
in the process.

Christella, Mother and Blogger
at Crawl The Line

The value added in having their Grandparents in their day-to-day
lives is Priceless.

Sarah, Mother and Blogger
at Journeys of the Zoo