HiMama Features Update

June 2020 Product Update: COVID-19 Features

We have been hard at work collecting feedback on how we can best support your center’s operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re SO excited to reveal 3 brand new features and 4 improvements that we’ve made to the HiMama app.

If you have questions or need assistance navigating any of these new features, please reach out to support@himama.com or your dedicated Customer Success Manager. We’re here to help!

✨ #1 New Feature : Schedule Messages

Due to COVID-19, Directors are sending more emails than ever. HiMama now supports the ability to schedule messages to be sent at a future point in time. You no longer have to be in front of a device when sending a message, simply draft the message at a convenient time and schedule it. Learn more

Note: Only email messages can be scheduled ahead of time. You cannot schedule a text message (SMS) as these are meant for notifications and updates. Only Administrators will be able to schedule messages.

✨ #2 New Feature: Temperature Checks

You are now able to record the temperature and overall health of a child throughout the day using the new temperature check entry! Unlike the existing health entry, temperature checks are shared with families on the child’s Daily Report. These entries will appear under the ‘Health’ heading on a child’s report. Learn more

Note: The temperature checks will only be visible to families within the daily report, they will never receive a notification on their devices. This means you have time to discuss health concerns with the families before the information is available to them in HiMama. 

#3 New Feature: Contactless Check-In

This feature allows parents to have a contactless way to sign in their children at drop off. Upon checking in, parents can also leave a note for teachers should they need to share any special instructions for the day. Learn more

Note: This feature is only available for Parents who have downloaded the mobile app (phone or tablet) this is not available on the parent website login. 

Now that we’ve covered all the new features, here are the existing features that have been improved.

✅ #1 Improved: Printable Lists

All printable lists are now also exportable in .csv and .xlsx format. All five lists now include classroom names so that you can group your information by room! This gives administrators the additional ability to filter, edit, and format the data in Excel before printing them.

✅ #2 Improved: Parent Payment Experience

We’ve updated the payment profile flow for parents with new Help Modals to guide your parents through setting up their profile. We’ve also enhanced the parent experience by including a new autopay opt-in option for organized parents who prefer that option and adding Google Autofill to make the experience a seamless one for those techy parents out there! Learn more

✅ #3 Improved: Transactions Report

Directors can now download a report with the details of every transaction that was attempted, pending, paid, or failed. This improvement enables you to upload the required information into other accounting systems, or track outstanding payments. The report is available in .csv format only. 

✅ #4 Improved: Accrued Invoice Report

Directors can now download a report detailing all the invoices that they’ve created in HiMama. They can use this report to identify if parents have received all their invoices, find out their total accounts receivable from tuitions and outstanding invoices, identify the average revenue generated by a classroom, and do a general analysis on the billing health of a center (or a whole childcare org) in one report. This report will be in .csv format. Learn more

Stay tuned for monthly updates from us to help improve your experience with HiMama. We’re in this together!

Carmen Choi

Carmen is the Marketing Coordinator and Preschool Podcast Manager on the HiMama team. She's been working with childcare business owners and consultants for 3 years. She is passionate making connections that empower the ECE Community through knowledge-sharing to support better outcomes for children, their families, and society!

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