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Reduce overwhelm and regain your work-life balance by adopting HiMama at your center

HiMama is the #1 rated childcare management app. From contactless attendance to ongoing parent communication and seamless payments, running a standout center just got easier with the latest updates to our all-in-one childcare app.

HiMama has given our parents and educators much more of a personal relationship, even when they don’t see each other. It has changed the dynamics of our center and made us more of a community.”

Champagne, Center Director and HiMama Customer

Reduce overwhelm and regain your work-life balance by adopting HiMama at your center

This summer HiMama is offering you new ways to save time and energy, all while providing the best possible experience for families. With HiMama, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming to run a standout center.

98% of parents say HiMama adds to their overall satisfaction with their childcare provider.” 

HiMama summer 2022 new features

  1. Registration and waitlists: New registration and waitlist features make it simple to collect and organize children’s enrollment details while giving families a great experience right from the start.
  1. Newsletters: Engage and impress your center community with professional-looking newsletters – with zero extra effort.
  1. Billing platform updates: It’s easier than ever to stay organized and cater to families by managing your billing and payments in HiMama. New features give you more flexibility to edit invoices and track payments outside the app so you can provide a great customer experience.

HiMama Customer testimonial

As a Childcare Center Director, Champagne was overwhelmed, often working until 11:00 pm responding to parents and managing her staff. She felt like everything was on her shoulders.

HiMama helped Champagne regain her work-life balance. She went from feeling like she had to do it all alone, to having the support she needed to delight her parents and staff.

HiMama has helped me with my work-life balance, and I am so relieved to no longer have to micromanage all the communication.”  

Champagne, Center Director, and HiMama Customer

Why partner with us?

HiMama is based on extensive research and interviews with early childhood educators. We have learned a lot about early childhood education since we originally came together in 2012. 

However, the following learnings are what motivate and inspire us to be better and do better:

  1. The formative years from age 0 to 5 are critical to a child’s life-long development and most people are unaware of this well-researched fact.
  2. The resources invested in early childhood education do not align with the importance of a child’s development.
  3. The role of the early childhood educator is highly under-appreciated and extremely challenging.

Our goal is to empower early childhood educators with affordable tools that enable them to improve developmental outcomes for the children they work with while educating parents about the importance of their work.

What makes HiMama’s childcare software different?

Smooth parent communication – HiMama makes it easy to communicate with parents via app, text, or email to share reports, videos, photos, and more! Delight and engage parents to bridge the gap between learning in the classroom and learning at home.

Contactless check-in: Parents can check-in their children securely using their mobile devices. No paper and pen required! 

Comprehensive classroom management: The entire classroom at your educators’ fingertips. Record observations on tablets or smartphones and share pictures and reports with parents in real-time. 

Easy-to-use daily reporting: Goodbye paper daily reports! HiMama saves you on average five hours a week. Use our digital daily sheets for meals, naps, activities, and more. Send the daily reports automatically by the end of the day or manually whenever you need them.

Effortless observations: Attach photos or videos with classroom observations to show children’s development in action. Save time by making notes about all children at once, multiple at a time, or child by child, if you need to. 

Simple billing: Reduce paperwork with flexible tuition plans, custom invoices, reports, and billing activities at a glance.

Christie White

Christie is a Senior Content Marketing Specialist at HiMama. She is passionate about children's development, parenting, and supporting the child care industry. She has been working to support child care centers with their events and marketing for almost a decade. In her personal life, Christie lives in Stouffville, ON with her husband Kyle and dog Tucker. She enjoys going for walks, baking, cooking, and watching reality tv!