How to Break Burnout in 2021 [Webinar]

In this webinar, we have brought Beth Cannon back to speak about burnout and how to set yourself up for success in 2021. Beth went through how to define burnout and if you are experiencing it, shared some awesome tips and stories on creating balance, and adopting healthy habits for 2021.

🎤 Our Special Guest

Beth Cannon, International speaker, Educator, Owner of Stretch-n-Grow

Beth Cannon is an international speaker, educator, and entrepreneur known for her passion for engaging leaders and inspiring teams. With 25+ years of diverse experience, she is known for her niche in creating compelling content that captures the audience. Through her relationships in the faith and early childhood spaces, Beth was invited over and over to create and deliver strategies and solutions as a keynote speaker and workshop presenter.

🧪 Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the signs of burnout. Arming yourself with knowledge is power! 
  • Learn to free the mind through acceptance and committing to making life-giving choices 
  • Actively address issues, making time to be with people who you can talk through issues can really help with change 
  • Clarify, reevaluate, reassign  
  • Don’t dwell on doom, replace it with what you already know 
  • Your value is not based on someone else’s inability to see your worth 
  • Build a better understanding of where your energy comes from to better harness, and adopt healthier habits
  • Practice gratitude daily 
  • Set boundaries, both with home and work-life 
  • Make time for dreams, and disconnecting 
  • Hold yourself accountable! Your daily routine matters and shouldn’t be compromised


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Ria Reive

Ria Reive in the Community Ambassador at HiMama. Prior to starting at HiMama, Ria was an Early Childhood Educator and worked 6 years in the classroom. She taught all ages but mainly preschoolers. Ria lives in Toronto with her husband. In her spare time, she enjoys time with her niece and nephew and being on the water.