Tips For Working Through Anxiety in ECE [Webinar]

In this webinar, we chat with Lissarette Nisnevich about working through anxiety during COVID-19. Lissarette is TEDx speaker, child care entrepreneur, educator, and mother. Her combination of perspectives gives us valuable insight into how to manage our own anxiety, support our peers and families, and most importantly create a safe and engaging environment for young children to learn in and thrive!

🎤 Our Special Guest

Lassarette Nisnevich – Early Childhood Professional and Consultant

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic with a fully bilingual education, she started my career as an assistant teacher at the age of 15. Over the years, Lassarette was blessed with opportunities to travel the world teaching ESL, designing curriculums, and doing volunteer work in local communities. These opportunities not only enriched her understanding of the world but also widened her horizons as an educator. With over a decade of experience in 30+ different countries and a Masters in Early Childhood, Lassarette chose to open a Daycare center and a Preschool of my own right after settling down in New York to start a family. As a Director, She has tested her ability to plan, design, and implement curriculums in different regions of the world. Lassarette passionately loves herwork and wish to utilize my skills to educate her son, and help others in in the community.

🧪 Key Learning Outcomes

  • All children can catch up! The key is providing an environment that makes them feel safe, loved, and welcome.
  • It is okay for everyone (adults and kids) to feel their emotions, especially the ones that we tend to label as “bad”.
  • Create space to express emotions, be it physically or virtually. This helps with processing them and moving to the next step.
  • Focus on the future, instead of wishing for the past! COVID-19 has taught us that change can happen any time and the importance of being adaptable.

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Audience Shoutouts!

Dorothy Amaechi
Safety and comfort first, before learning.

Ume Choudhry 
We’ve been open for over a month in NJ and the kids, special needs kids and teachers have been great! We spent time on virtual classrooms preparing our kids to come back. It seemed to be very successful. Compassion was huge with all the kids.

Lucinda Crawford
I think on e of the most important steps is to not expect anything to be the same as before COVID.

Inmaculada Acosta
It is very true! All emotions are Ok and we need to be aware of them in the children and respect each one of them.

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