Childcare COVID-19 Reopening Parent Survey Template

While childcare providers have been doing everything they can to help families at home during the quarantine with virtual lessons and at-home activities, everyone is still eagerly waiting for the day when children can return to their childcare. 

Whether you are closed, open for families with parents working in essential services, or fully open, these are challenging times for childcare providers everywhere. A recent survey found that 96% of centers that are open have parents that are keeping their children at home. This is understandable, given that many parents are working from home and/or concerned about having their children socializing with others.

To be fully prepared for reopening, it is important to understand what families are thinking and planning regarding their childcare needs. One way to gain this insight is by sending a survey to parents. This will help you understand their work situation better as some parents will be working from home in the foreseeable future. By doing this, you can uncover the biggest concerns for you to address when their children return, as well as find out when (or if) they would like to have their children return.

Feel free to use the template below in a Word document, PDF, Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, Typeform or whichever surveying method you prefer!

COVID-19 Reopening Parent Survey Template

  • What is your child(ren)’s name?
  • What are your child’s parents’ or guardians’ names?
  • When would you like your child to return to our center?
    • I would return now if you were open.
    • I will return immediately after the stay-at-home or similar orders are lifted.
    • If stay-at-home orders are lifted, we’ll return at a later date (e.g. when public schools open, when my office reopens)
    • I’m not sure.
    • I don’t anticipate my child coming back.
  • Where is your child during the day now?
    • Home with me.
    • With a friend or relative.
    • At another provider.
  • What concerns do you have about your child returning to our center?
  • What can we do to make you feel more comfortable with bringing your child back to our facility?
  • Would you prefer more remote learning programming while your child is at home?
  • Are any of your child’s parents or guardians an essential worker? 
  • Which days of the week would you like childcare (select all that apply):
    • Monday
    • Tuesday
    • Wednesday
    • Thursday
    • Friday
  • What time would you like to drop off your child?
  • What time would you like to pick up your child?
  • To compensate for additional cleaning procedures, safety precautions and more staff due to lower teacher/student ratios, would you be willing to pay additional fees?
  • Please list any new skills your child has developed during the quarantine (e.g. eating new foods, toilet training):
  • Do you have any questions for us?

Be fully prepared for the new normal — download our free COVID-19 kit!

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Michael Keshen

Michael writes for HiMama's early childhood education blog and ECE Weekly newsletter. When not developing content for early childhood professionals, he can usually be found out and about with his wife and daughter exploring all that Toronto has to offer, or playing music with his karaoke band.


  • vicki McNabb says:

    Thank you for the handbook . This will be extremely helpful

  • Tracy Petersen says:

    Thank you so much for the fantastic content Hi Mana has been sending out!! I will be recommending you to all Centres!
    In regards to the survey, I don’t see the download link & what do you find Is the easiest way to send out a survey to parents? I like survey monkey but I’ve never set one up? How do I get it to families through the Hi Mama App?

    • Michael Keshen says:

      Hi Tracy, there is no download link, you can simply copy and paste the questions into whichever program you would like to use. I find Typeform, SurveyMonkey and Google Forms to all work great and be easy to use. These tools will provide you with a link which you can then sent via a message just as you would any other message to your families!

  • Carol says:

    While our opening is not planned until after the winter break, perhaps in January, we plan to ask about pods that the families are currently using for socializing, so that we might match their enrollment days with out-of-school pods that they using for play dates and general socializing in to limit transmission to wider groups.

  • Mildred Dean says:

    thank you for template