How to manage your finances in minutes: Introduction to HiMama billing and payments [Webinar]

In this webinar we were welcomed by Robyn Cannon, HiMama’s billing expert, and Zoe Rachlin, Manager of HiMama’s billing onboarding team! Robyn and Zoe dove into the benefits of going digital with your finances, as well as how to make the transition to digital billing and payments as seamless as possible. This webinar is also your chance to see an exclusive sneak peek inside the HiMama billing platform, and how you can use it to get your finances done in a matter of minutes.

🎤Our Special Guests:

Robyn Cannon – Senior Customer Success Specialist (Billing)

Zoe Rachlin – Manager, Billing Onboarding

🧪HiMama billing and payments Q & A with Zoe and Robyn!

  • What are the key features of HiMama billing and payments? You can create tuition plans, invoice parents, receive payments from parents, track payments from your subsidizer and track subsidy agreements, and pull reports on your center’s billing
  • How is sensitive financial and personal information protected on the platform? HiMama user data is stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure according to industry best practices, including forced end-to-end encryption, encryption at rest, strict access control, and annual penetration testing and remediation. All parent payment information is stored in a PCI compliant manner, and is tokenized for further security.
  • Is the platform user-friendly for parents who might not be tech-savvy? Yes! Plus parents can always call our support team if they need help, instead of bothering the director
  • How long does it take to set up and transfer systems to HiMama billing and payments?  I’ve seen people get set up with billing and payments in a day. It really depends on you! To set payments up you’ll need to sit down and complete a payment processing application and from there you might be approved right away or it could take a few days. You’ll need some training, but if you’re keen we can get you booked for a training webinar (in the evening or the weekend!) so that you can dive in right away.
  • What payment methods are supported on the platform? Parents can make payments via bank transfer (ACH/EFT), or via credit card, which includes debit credit cards like visa debit/mastercard debit
  • Can parents set up recurring payments? Yes! Parents have the option to enable the autopay feature, which will initiate payment on the due date of their invoices. We’ve also recently released a new feature allowing childcares to turn on autopay for all families at the childcare!
  • How are invoices sent to parents? If autopay is turned on invoices are automatically sent on the invoice due date. If autopay is turned off, you’re in full control. Parents won’t see invoices until they’re sent!
  • Can you track subsidy in HiMama? Absolutely! You can set up the subsidy programs you receive and track each child’s subsidy agreements to a program. You can also track the amounts expected and received from each program so that you’re never leaving money on the table!
  • Can you create multiple tuition plans? Yep! You can create group tuition plans or individualized plans depending on your needs. Each plan is fully customizable, giving you flexibility in your billing!


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