Child Care Billing Software

Chasing tuitions from parents can be stressful and time-consuming. But we are here to help. With HiMama you can create tuition plans, send invoices and collect payments directly through our app. Who would imagine that collecting payments could be this simple, straightforward and stress-free?

Step 1 - Set up tuition plans

  • We understand that not all tuition plans are the same, so HiMama makes it easy to set up different tiers to attend your center’s needs.
  • With our SMART Billing, tuition is automatically assigned to each child based on their age group and weekly schedule.
  • Do you have different prices for families with siblings or receiving subsidies? Not a problem! You can use group plans to create special plans for each case.

Building relationships with parents can make collecting payments much easier

95% of customers say HiMama fosters better communication with parents

Step 2 - Send invoices and collect payments

  • Invoices outline the tuition plan and fee that centers send to parents - it’s basically a bill. They are only generated after a tuition plan has been setup.
  • Send invoices directly to your parents’ devices. You can send them all at once or one by one at your own convenience.
  • Parents lost your email? Not a problem. You can send it as many times as you need. Historical invoices are also available to parents via the parent web portal.

Step 3 - Track billing activities at a glance

  • As you receive payments, track your invoices and change their status to Paid. You can also save on paper and send digital receipts automatically.
  • You can also create reports of outstanding payments in no time at all. This can save you plenty of time when following up with parents.
  • Past payment information is accessible whenever you need it. Pull up important information like revenue, taxes and invoice reports in no time.

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Why stop there? You can receive payments automatically too

  • Parents can now easily pay their invoices through the app from the comfort of their homes.
  • On your invoice due date, your center will automatically withdraw funds from their bank account or credit card, whichever they prefer.
  • Families can use the app to find a list of paid invoices, current total, and receipts for tax purposes.

There are many more features to improve your daycare

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