Hands-On Preschool Number Activities

Preschool number activities can go beyond the traditional worksheets and flashcards we are familiar with. They can be hands-on, engaging and fun to help children better understand counting and basic number concepts to build the foundation for their future success with math.

With the right number activities, you can enhance the school readiness of preschoolers while still holding their attention! Read more here to learn about Early Childhood Education.

Muffin Tin Math

Line the bottom of an empty muffin tin with the numbers 1 to 12, and ask preschoolers to fill each of the numbered sections with the same number of poker chips, marbles, LEGO pieces – whatever you have on hand! This activity helps to strengthen number recognition, as well as counting and sorting skills.

Parking Lot Numbers

On a piece of paper, draw ten parking spots, labeled with the numbers 1 through 10. Using toy cars, ask children to “park” the car in the spot with the number you call out. This is another fun number activity that helps with number recognition.

Estimation Station

Fill a number of small mason jars with small items of varying sizes, and in different amounts. Explain to your preschoolers that they will try to guess how many of each item is in each jar before they have the chance to count what’s inside. This activity is great for introducing the concept of estimation and building counting skills.

Ladybug Spots

Draw or print out a number of ladybug shapes on a piece of paper, without any spots on their back. Write a number from 1-10 beside each ladybug, and have children color in the correct number of spots on each one. You can also use small buttons or pompoms instead to make this a reusable counting and number recognition game!

Balloon Hunt

Place balloons labeled with the numbers 1 through 10 around your home or classroom. Ask children to find all 10 balloons. However, request that they find them and bring them to you in the correct order, starting with number 1. For example, if they find number 6 before they find 5, they have to leave 5 there and come back to it later. This preschool number activity is great for strengthening the order of numbers in a child’s mind.

Why are hands-on preschool number activities like these so important? Numbers and basic mathematic skills are essential skills that form the foundation for learning beyond a child’s early years. So, be sure to integrate activities like the ones above into your daily routine, whether you are a parent or child care provider in order to help your preschoolers grasp the concepts they need for number literacy.

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Carmen Choi

Carmen is the Marketing Coordinator and Preschool Podcast Manager on the HiMama team. She's been working with childcare business owners and consultants for 3 years. She is passionate making connections that empower the ECE Community through knowledge-sharing to support better outcomes for children, their families, and society!