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Episode 50

On episode 50 of the show, we speak with Titus DosRemedios, the Director of Policy and Research at Strategies for Children, a policy and advocacy organization focused on delivering high-quality early education in Massachusetts. In our conversation, we learn about how Strategies for Children has used state-wide data to reframe the conversation focus away from child care as simply baby sitting to early childhood education as part of a learning continuum that feeds into the k-12 education system. Titus also talks about the necessity for collaboration between stakeholders in the early education space, and the importance of a mixed-delivery system that is capable of solving problems for local communities and creating real impact.

If you are an educator or advocate who believes that education starts at birth and never truly ends, then stay tuned to this episode of the preschool podcast.

Ron Spreeuwenberg

Ron is the Co-Founder & CEO of HiMama, where he leads all aspects of a social purpose business that helps early childhood educators improve learning outcomes for children.

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