5 Ways to Boost Your Child Care Enrollment

Get the word out to boost enrollment in your child care center – your website, local newspapers, social media and word of mouth will all help to spread the word.

Many facilities like yours are looking for new and creative ways to boost their child care enrollment. Read more here to learn about how HiMama’s child care software can benefit your center. Brand new care centers, home daycare providers and well-established early years programs alike may face the problem of under-enrollment. If you are looking to attract new families to your care facility, here are some methods you may want to give a try so you can run a full program this year:

1. Hire Quality Staff

One of the most important factors for parents when it comes to choosing the right care for their child is the quality of a facility’s staff. Even if your center has the latest equipment and technologies, an excellent curriculum and the healthiest meal plan, it simply cannot be successful without highly trained and caring employees. Your caregivers are the ones who truly make the most difference in each child’s life, so you should build a solid foundation for your facility by putting together a quality team.

2. Increase Exposure in Your Community

Get involved in your community! By placing ads in local newspapers or sponsoring fundraisers, you can increase awareness of your child care programs and ensure your name is well-recognized among those in your community. Post messages in local Facebook groups to let residents know that you are welcoming new children into your care. You can also boost your child care enrollment by spreading the word to local schools, where you may be able to post a flyer or hand out business cards.

3. Start a Website

A large portion of parents looking for child care will begin their search online, so your website can become an excellent source for new leads. Ensure that you have a website that is regularly updated and makes mention that you are open for enrollment. Explain your center’s unique approach to child care so parents can get a good idea of whether or not your child care center is a good fit for their family.

4. Word of Mouth

Referrals are undoubtedly one of the best forms of new business. However, the only way for you to get these referrals and new child care enrollment is to provide the best possible service at all times. If you want to get parents talking about your child care and recommending it to others, you must be committed to high-quality care, professionalism and effective problem-solving in every aspect of your business.

5. Stand Out

Differentiating yourself from the competition can be challenging, but you’ll often see the rewards when it comes to your child care enrollment. Find a service that no other facility in your area offers, and incorporate it into your child care to draw more families in. Your unique feature could be anything from better staff to child ratios or special extracurricular activities to digital daily reports, so long as it goes beyond the basic level of child care services.

Integrating HiMama into your child care facility can help you attract more families! Find out how our childcare app can work for your care center and make it stand out from the competition by getting in touch with us today.

Ron Spreeuwenberg

Ron is the Co-Founder & CEO of HiMama, where he leads all aspects of a social purpose business that helps early childhood educators improve learning outcomes for children.