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3 Resources for Early Childhood Education Videos

3 Resources for Early Childhood Education Videos

July 28, 2015 | Ron Spreeuwenberg
Video can be a great resource for Early Childhood Educators looking to stay in tune with the latest trends - these suggested video resources will help you get started

Online video content can be a valuable resource not only for enhancing your own skills as an early childhood education provider, but also the skills of your employees. Whether the content is educational or simply inspiring, it can be leveraged to discover new ideas and techniques to incorporate in your own childcare center’s programming and refine your curriculum to better meet the needs of developing children.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite (and free!) resources for ECE training and educational videos you can share with your staff or coworkers:

This YouTube channel features an extensive collection of videos on a wide range of topics, from ECE research to quick tips that can be implemented into your own curriculum. With hundreds of videos available to view, you’ll gain knowledge from instructional videos, observe children in classroom and play settings, and hear from industry researchers.

Must Watch: Check out the Investigating Series of videos, demonstrating the curriculum developed by Eastern's Child and Family Development Resource Center. Each video in the series focuses on one topic of investigation. Videos include interviews with early childhood educators about how children engaged in literacy, math, science, art, and other activities related to each topic.

The early childhood education videos available from Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child place a strong focus on the scientific theories behind early development, and how our early experiences are integrated into our brains and bodies as a child. Many of the videos feature additional related resources such as reports or research studies to further your understanding of the topic.

Must Watch: Explore the Center’s InBrief: Resilience Series, which takes a look at the impact of adversity on young children and how early childhood educators can help them build and strengthen their resilience to achieve their full potential.

TED (Technology, Education and Design) is known for bringing the world’s great minds to the masses through their innovative speaker series. Their comprehensive collection includes many notable early childhood education videos, presenting ideas from leaders in child psychology, cognitive science, education advocacy, parenting, teaching and more.

Must Watch: Ramsey Musallam’s talk, “3 Rules to Spark Learning”, which explores the importance of encouraging curiosity among students, and using their questions to form the basis of learning.
Do you have a favorite resource for early childhood education videos? Let us know!
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