Why You Should Write a Child Care Center Blog: Tips for Success

Maintaining a blog for your child care center offers a range of benefits for both current parents and prospective families who may be looking for a new daycare for their children. Blogging regularly about your facility, its events and the latest news in the industry can help get your center’s name out there in the community and position you as a child care expert.

In fact, a blog is an extremely effective marking strategy. Simply add a blog area to your website and start writing to begin!

Of course, finding the time to blog regularly can be a challenge for busy child care operators. The following tips will help you become more efficient and effective in your blogging efforts for greater success:

Choose What to Write About

For beginner bloggers, one of the first issues they come across is choosing what to write about. Not knowing where to start can quickly discourage us from writing regularly. If you’re not sure what to write about, start thinking about questions and issues that come up on a daily basis at your child care center. (How can I encourage creative play in my child? How do I get my child to stick to a nap schedule?) These common questions are the ideal topics for your daycare or child care blog.

Though the answers to these questions may seem basic to you, to parents and other caregivers it may be invaluable information that will keep them reading and returning to your blog. Create a list of possible topic ideas and keep adding to it whenever an idea comes to mind so you’ll always have a steady stream of blogs to write. In fact, writing a few posts in advance make it easier to keep up with your blog when things get busy.

Just Start Writing

You don’t have to be a prolific writer to be a great blogger. When writing your early learning blog, imagine that you are having a conversation with your audience, who may be parents or other caregivers, depending on your blog topic. The language you use within your blog should be natural and conversational in tone as if you were speaking directly to your reader.

Remember that your blog post doesn’t have to be perfect. Of course, check your post for errors, typos, or statements that just don’t make sense before you upload it to your blog. Don’t sit on a blog post and keep making adjustments in fear of it not being good enough. If you wait, you’ll never be ready for it to go live. If it reads well, go ahead and post!

Promote Your Blog

Once you’ve got a few posts up on your daycare blog, it’s time to promote it! Share your latest updates in your child care center newsletter, send notes to parents to have them check it out, and share the article on your social media profiles. The idea is to get as many readers as possible to encourage sharing, commenting and discussion about your daycare blog.

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to get the word out about your child care center. A regularly updated, interesting and well executed blog that encourages discussion is an excellent way to attract new business to your center. By demonstrating that you and your team are experts in the field of childcare, you can begin to build trust among your readers and encourage enrollment.

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