HiMama Feature Round-Up & 2021 New Feature Sneak Peek!! [Webinar]

In this webinar, our in-house product managers, Janielle Loken and Derek Hallward ran through some of the features HiMama released in 2020. We also took a look at how the team works together to update existing features or add new ones to the HiMama app!

🎤 Our Special Guests

Janielle Loken
Product Manager at HiMama

Janielle is enthusiastic about pulling together different skill sets to create needs-based products

Derek Hallward
Product Manager at HiMama

Derek is passionate about championing small businesses, and enjoys building things that help solve problems.

🧪 Key Learning Outcomes

  • Lots of work happens behind the scenes so we always strive for as much feedback as possible.
  • We made decisions based on research and data, this way we can improve HiMama for ALL customers
  • We balance improving what we have, and building something new!
  • Remember if you ever get an email from us asking for input, please email us back, we want to hear from you!


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Ria Reive

Ria Reive in the Community Ambassador at HiMama. Prior to starting at HiMama, Ria was an Early Childhood Educator and worked 6 years in the classroom. She taught all ages but mainly preschoolers. Ria lives in Toronto with her husband. In her spare time, she enjoys time with her niece and nephew and being on the water.