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Day Care Menu Templates

Looking for daycare menu templates? You’ve come to the right place. We have empty childcare menu plans ready for you to fill out with delicious meal options. Sloppy Joes anyone?

Menu Templates - 3 Meals Per Day

Menu Templates - 4 Meals Per Day

Menu Templates - 5 Meals Per Day

What is a daycare lunch menu?

Daily childcare menus are used by caregivers, home daycare providers and owners to keep track of what is being prepared for lunch, snack and other meals and share those choices with parents. Daycare menu plans can be as detailed or succinct as you like. Some centers may only provide snacks, in which case they may only provide a daycare snack menu, while other centers will detail the ingredient list for all lunches and snacks provided. You can plan out your daycare menu schedule either by day or by week.

Why is it important to use printable daycare menu templates?

You know your center's menu plan is awesome, why not show it off to families and get a little more prepared in the process? Here are some of the top reasons why you should use a preschool menu template every week:

How to use our childcare menu templates

HiMama daycare menu and child care meal templates have been created for you, the daycare owner, director, supervisor, teacher, educator or assistant. These printable daycare food menus for toddlers, infants and preschoolers are 100% free for you to use in your center or home daycare programs. We hope these daycare menu forms come in handy for you!

Taking your childcare menu digital

With the HiMama daycare menu app, you can create digital menu plans weeks or months in advance. You can even share your preschool lunch menus with families directly, as well as attach pictures and videos throughout the day showing the kiddos enjoying their time at the center!
HiMama helps centers track more than just preschool snack menus too! You can log activities, sleep, diaper checks and developmental observations easily within the HiMama app. If your childcare center follows a state or provincial framework, you can add your curriculum and map it instantly to your early learning guidelines. The childcare app works with Montessori preschools too for their specific childcare needs!

Looking for a different daycare template?

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Get with the program!

Find out how you can turn these sample preschool menu plans into beautiful digital menus that are shared with families in an online tour of our daycare software!
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