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HiMama is a thought leader in early childhood education, and we never lose sight of our end goal - improving developmental outcomes for children. The childcare ebooks below are available for you to download at anytime, for free. Think of us as your new trusted partner!


| April 13, 2022

Even superheroes need support: the power of emotional intelligence for early childhood educators

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| March 11, 2019

The Complete Guide to Opening a Home Daycare

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| April 3, 2019

The Complete Guide to Hiring & Retaining Early Childhood Educators

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| November 23, 2018

The Essential Child Care Marketing Checklist

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| September 30, 2019

Preschool Teacher Evaluation Template ➜


| February 25, 2019

Child Care Budget Template ➜


| November 04, 2020

2020 North American Child Care Sector Benchmark Survey ➜


| July 09, 2018

10 Tips for Effective Observation in Early Childhood ➜

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Download our ebooks for free advice on every step of the way. Looking to open a new daycare at your home, or maybe just trying to find new ways to promote your center? We got you covered! Our free guides provide in-depth content to help you in making your center the best it can be. We periodically publish new ebooks about the early childhood industry, and they are always available to you at no cost. Plus, our annual benchmark reports take a deep dive in the childcare industry in North America. Includes detailed answers to all the questions you wanted to know but did not want to ask about the other centers in the industry.

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