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Brightwheel vs. HiMama

Brightwheel is a childcare solution to manage attendance, billing, enrollment and parent communication. HiMama is the perfect partner for your childcare center’s success, and that starts with being the #1 rated all-in-one childcare app.

Why Childcare Centers Prefer HiMama Over Brightwheel

HiMama’s Onboarding and Success teams make the switch to an app easy, and the Support team is always there to help along the way. Yes, that’s real humans in real time!

HiMama connects you to all the experts in childcare. Join free, weekly award-winning programming, including HiMama Helps Webinars, The Preschool Podcast, Early Childhood Education Blog, and more. Oh - did we mention that HiMama also makes an annual Benchmark Report, to help you understand what's happening in the industry?

HiMama’s team of early childhood educators know a thing or two about childcare. As a HiMama customer, you will meet them everywhere on the team, from Onboarding Specialists to the host of the HiMama Helps Webinar Series. Only people that have been in the childcare world really understand what it takes for a center to be successful!

HiMama has an exclusive partnership with Pearson to offer a quick and easy way to conduct assessments. Finally, offer insightful assessments that teachers LOVE to use, instead of a pain to complete. Each assessment is one step closer to a higher quality rating!

The HiMama family is just that, a family. From webinars to the HiMama Early Learning Summmit, there's so many opportunities to network and make real connections!

Track a child’s progress with your regional learning framework built right in, and make it simple for parents to check in on their child’s progress.