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Sep. 01, 2015
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A Series of Unfortunate Movements

Do any of these images look familiar?

Dog Food Pellets

Changing this diaper involves a skill awarded to those with smaller, more dexterous hands.

The Jackson Pollock

Is this masterpiece fit for the garbage, or does it belong in a frame?

Nuclear Disaster

Please dispense diaper in hazardous chemical waste bin after removal.

Pooping Gives You Wings

Although the likelihood of your child taking flight after this talented poo is very rare.

Poo Clouds

Is it a bunny? You’ll find yourself mesmerized as you find shapes in each little puff.

Breakfast Sausage

This is no Oscar Mayer product! This little weiner is the result of too many animal crackers.

Mature Poop

This doozy makes you wonder when your 4-month-old's digestive system turned into that of a 50-year-old man.

Your Special Poo!

What interesting diapers have you opened?! Oddly enough, we at HiMama would very much like to hear about them!
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This edition of the Dirty Diaper was inspired by a post on Baby Center, a member of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, called Baby Poop: A Visual Guide. Their guide helps new parents understand what normal bowel movements look like as newborns grow. If there's a sudden change or you notice anything completely out of the ordinary, you should call your doctor and seek medical attention.
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