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Toronto Tech Startup Shares 10 Million Children’s Moments with Families through HiMama App

Toronto Tech Startup Shares 10 Million Children’s Moments with Families through HiMama App

TORONTO, ON (PRWeb) May 13, 2015 - Toronto startup, HiMama, uses technology to get parents more engaged in children's learning and development; looks to improve outcomes for children in early education globally.

HiMama, a Toronto tech startup with an app for daycares, is helping working parents connect with their kids in school and child care programs to the tune of 10 million moments posted since launching a year and a half ago. Teachers use the app to record children’s activities and learning and keep parents in the loop with messages, photos, videos and reports.

“We’re super excited about what we’re doing. We get feedback from parents all the time telling us about how we’re truly enriching their day. In particular for parents who are working odd hours or travelling, the HiMama app has been a game-changer,” said Co-Founder and CEO, Ron Spreeuwenberg.

While schools and child care programs pay to subscribe to the HiMama service because of the benefits to their operations and parents are clear winners with more transparent and timely information about their child’s activities during the day, HiMama is ultimately about improving outcomes for children. The app acts as a tool for school teachers and early childhood educators to record children’s learning and development and share achievements and milestones with parents.

An increasing number of state and provincial institutions are taking serious notice of just how important parents are to a child’s success in education. For example, in Ontario where HiMama is headquartered, the Ministry of Education has invested over $24 million since 2006 to help increase parent involvement in support of student achievement and well-being in the province.

Having parents more involved in their children’s learning has many proven benefits. Child care programs using HiMama, for example, benefit from bridging the gap between learning that happens in group programs and learning that happens at home. As a result of parents being aware of the specifics of their child’s activities during the day through HiMama, they are then able to extend and revisit those activities in their home, helping to reinforce learning.

“The digital age we’re living in has provided an opportunity to involve and engage parents in children’s learning more effectively than ever before. We’re passionate about turning this opportunity into a reality for early education globally with the ultimate objective of improving outcomes for children’s education,” commented Ron Spreeuwenberg.

HiMama operates out of Toronto and works with hundreds of child care and school aged programs throughout Canada, the U.S. and abroad. Their apps have been used in over 60 countries with moments now being shared at the rate of one every 2 seconds.

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HiMama ( is a leading provider of documentation and communication solutions to the child care sector. HiMama enables leading child care and early learning programs to build stronger relationships with their families and streamline operations.

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