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Daycare Incident Report

Young children play actively and accidents are unavoidable. Use this childcare incident template to report any incident that happens at your center, including a description of the event and the treatment given.

Daycare Incident Report

Report any incidents that happen at your center with this template that includes incident description and the treatment given.

Daycare Incident Report

Make sure that parents are clear on what happened if their child is hurt. You should have a clear process for logging accidents and injuries so that there is no ambiguity in what happened. Use a childcare incident report to log a description of the event, when it happened, the treatment given, as well as the teacher on duty. Logging this as part of the child’s daily report and sending parents the incident form is a good way to keep everyone in the know. Tracking health and safety is a very important part of running a quality child care and building a trusting relationship with the families that you work with.

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