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Daycare Cleaning Checklist

Ensure your daycare center is sparkling with this cleaning checklist that tracks daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Remember that a cleaner center is a safer and healthier for both children and staff!

Daycare Cleaning Checklist

Ensure your center is sparkling clean with this checklist that tracks daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

Daycare Cleaning Checklist

A clean child care center looks good to prospective families. It also creates a good environment for the kiddos and the teachers. Clean surfaces help prevent the spread of illness, which is common in an early childhood setting.

Achieving a clean space boils down to having a consistent routine. This daycare cleaning checklist will help you ensure that the physical environment is tidy and disinfected on a daily basis.

We suggest printing and framing this daycare cleaning template in a picture frame. This way, you can use a dry erase marker to check your daily tasks and erase them the following morning, so you are able to reuse the same printout every day.

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