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Choosing a Daycare Name

A great name can really help your home daycare stand out, which is why it’s important to put effort in the beginning towards creating a great name and brand for your business.

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Try to think of a name that is clever and easy to remember, while at the same time tells people what your business is. This is much easier said than done, and coming up with the perfect name can take days or weeks.

Use a notepad or the notes app on your phone to jot down an idea whenever you have one so you don’t forget it. Once you have a lot of names, start picking your favorites. Then share these in conversation to see what others think of your name options.

Another way to get the creative juices flowing is by finding a word that describes your business and looking it up in a thesaurus. Look at similar words and perhaps one of them will inspire you to think of a name that sounds great.

It can be easy to get stuck, and speaking with others about a name can help you approach the challenge from a new perspective. Asking friends and family for their ideas can sometimes work, but often people will need a little inspiration first to help get them thinking.

Sharing the names that you have come up with so far or the qualities you would like to communicate will be a great start to getting them thinking. The more conversations like these you have, you will be that much closer to stumbling across the perfect name.

Also, most importantly of all: make sure that there are no other daycares or businesses in your area with the same name!

Looking for some ideas? Try our Daycare Name Generator!

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