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10+ Daycare Memes So Relatable You’ll LOL

Bringing a little extra fun to your day

We get it! Working at a child care center can be fun and challenging at the same time. But even on the hardest moments, there is always something to laugh about.

Kiddos are always up to something, and it's impossible not to find humor on those situations. Whether is the toddler that wakes up immediately after the last one goes to sleep, or when they manage to get their socks wet even when that seems impossible to do.

But nothing is more suspicious in a preschool than too much silence. When that happens, we immediately know that there's something going on. Whatever that is, we know we can handle it, as long as we have a ton of hand sanitizer.

If you are in need of a break, here is some daycare humor to brighten up your day!

1. In preschool, silence is suspicious

2. Every...single...time...

3. I don't understand how this happens.

4. *shocked*

5. They try to eat everything...

6. That feeling...

7. I wonder why

8.Hum... Where do I start?

9. No problem! *eye twitch*

10.Hand sanitizer is essential!

11. The struggle is real!

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