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Precious Status Alternative

Precious Status Alternative

A shared passion for connecting families with their child care centers.

PreciouStatus is an app, founded in 2010, that connects families to their child care centers through real time messaging and photo sharing. Precious Status describes how their app serves families and daycare centers on their website:

While some companies exist solely to turn a profit or fill a marketplace need, we founded PreciouStatus in 2010 with a singular mission: to connect families with educators and caregivers, ultimately helping children, students and patients achieve better results.

Parent engagement tools like Precious Status offer a multitude of benefits for centers, including saving time for center staff, empowering educators to do their best work, and delighting families as they feel much more involved in their child's developmental progress.

Families love receiving activity updates, fun photos and progress reports. Teachers tell us they appreciate the simplicity, ease of use and time-saving benefits. In fact, studies have shown teachers can create up to fifteen hours per week of additional capacity simply by using the app in their classrooms.

Precious Status also offers their family communication platform to other care industries, including healthcare, veterans and eldercare.

Precious Status Alternatives

A number of child care and early learning programs have reached out to us to transition their parents onto HiMama to keep them in touch with their children’s daily events. As HiMama offers many of the same features and benefits as Precious Status, the transition has been really smooth for these programs. If you were previously on Precious Status and would like to continue keeping your parents informed, get in touch with us and someone from the HiMama team will be happy to give you a tour.

HiMama's childcare app is the #1 rated and reviewed child care app on the market for a few reasons:

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