How it Works - Parents

Use the web and apps to record and share moments.

Capture and share your child's development from your computer at home or your smartphone on the go. Have your child care center do the same.

Graphic image, of a phone witha child's photo on it, an arrow pointing to a poloroid camera and photo fo children with an arrow to an envelope with a trophy celebrating HiMama educators and parents connecting on a daily basis

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Graphic image of a child at daycare or preschool in the spotlight

Did you see that? Easily capture memorable moments.

Quickly snap a photo from your phone, add a quote and it’s instantly saved forever. Use our mobile apps (iPhone or Android) for easy recording on the go. Your daycare, as well as friends and family can also share your child's moments with you when you're not around.

Instantly share your updates or keep them private.

Maybe you want to share a fun update with all your friends and family, or maybe you want to record notes from a private doctor's appointment for only you and your spouse. You choose the access that family and friends will receive. New content defaults to private so no need to hold back!

Graphic of an iphone with HiMama on the screen at a daycare or preschool
Graphic image of poloroid image of children sitting in a circle with an educator at daycare or preschool

Show off your pictures with an automatic journal you can view anytime, anywhere.

All of your child's memories and moments will be beautifully organized in a digital baby journal. You can manage all of the activities in HiMama on the web or share them with friends and family on the go with our mobile apps on iPhone and Android.