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Spotlight: Mini Miracles Daycare

Spotlight: Mini Miracles Daycare

Daycare Spotlight

Mini Miracles Daycare

Calgary, AB, Canada
At Mini Miracles Daycare, teachers desire to enhance every child’s right to be introduced, taught and master the basic skills of life by offering opportunities for discovery and awareness.

Rhonda Salvani, director, and her spouse get a daily dose of happiness since they opened the daycare in 2013 after a generous friend believed in them and supported them to open Mini Miracles Daycare. Rhonda has worked with children all her life and has built a team of devoted teachers who are creating a second home for children. They are an extension of the families and provide a more favorable and family based relationship.

Mini Miracles Daycare’s team desires to enhance every child’s essential knowledge and mastery of self-help and independence, empathy and the value of respecting through a variety of teacher as well as child led activities.

The staff believes that children must have the proper guidance to explore and enjoy learning opportunities thus creating lasting impressions. These impressions would nourish a child’s thirst to discover their surroundings, yearn for more knowledge thus creating a respectful, well-adjusted and independent child.

Built on the pedagogy of Learning Through Play, the daily activities at the center include Practical Life Experiences such as self-help skills, serving, social graces and courtesy and exercises. Mini Miracles also believe in achieving and meeting the Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Emotional (SPICE) needs of children as meeting the SPICE needs of a child will lead to positive experiences and provide a safe and healthy learning environment.

A very special and cherished moment for Rhonda is when she had the first inquiry from a mom to enroll her toddler girl to Mini Miracles Daycare. It was at the very beginning of the center and Rhonda couldn’t refer to past experiences to address the mom’s concerns of choosing the first center for her little girl. Rhonda assured her that her team will offer her a family-like environment and love her as an extension of their family. After few years at the center, Rhonda received a letter from the mom saying: “Just wanted to say a huge Thank you for your continued dedication and hard work day in and day out! It doesn’t go unnoticed! I am grateful to have you as my extended family in helping me raise my little girl”.

Rhonda says that she knew from the start that she wanted a centre with a heart. “We may not have yet the best looking toys and gadgets and high tech devices other centres may have, but right now, the best thing we can offer is the heart that goes along with our profession as Early Childhood Educators”.

Mini Miracles Daycare has an open door policy and if you want to learn more about them you can visit their website at or contact them by phone at 403-798-0686.

October 6, 2015