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KinderCare App FAQ

KinderCare App FAQ

Parent FAQ

My center just added me, what do I do next?

Once your center adds you to the KinderCare App, you'll receive a “Welcome” email from us with instructions to create your KinderCare App account. If you've already received a welcome email, click the link in the email to set up your login.

Missing your Welcome email? Do the following:

After following these steps, if you still haven't received a Welcome email, ask your Center Director to contact us. Due to privacy reasons, we cannot add anyone to a child's profile.

I can't login to my account.

Follow this link to reset your password:

How do I change my login email address?

Login to the KinderCare App using your existing email:


How do I get the app on my mobile device?

Search for “KinderCare” in your device’s app store, or click the link below.

How can I send my center a message?

Open the KinderCare app, and look for the

Can I add to my child's journal without sharing with my daycare?

Yes! When in the app, simply tap the plus icon. Choose if you'd like to share with your Crew (more on the “Crew” below) by unchecking "Private".

Why can't I see nap or meal information throughout the day?

We provide our centers with the option to hide sleep and food information until the report is finalized at the end of the day. These updates can contain sensitive information, and this provides an opportunity for the teachers to confirm they haven't entered any inaccurate information to parents.

How do I download my child's photos from the KinderCare App?

The Crew

What's the "Crew"?

The Crew is a close group of friends and family that you want to share updates with. This can include grandparents, aunts and uncles, close friends, separated families, or anyone that doesn’t live close enough to see your child as much as they’d like. Note that the Crew can also share activities of your child by posting to their KinderCare App account, but only if you approve what they’ve shared with you or given them auto-post privileges.

How do I add and remove people from the Crew?

Open the app and head to the Crew page. Start adding! Each person you add will automatically receive an email from us inviting them to join the KinderCare App and participate in activity-sharing for your child. To remove a Crew member, navigate to the Crew page, and click Edit next to the person’s name. Check the Remove User box at the bottom of the page. Click Submit.

Do I have to share everything with the Crew?

Nope. Some moments just aren’t meant to be shared with everyone. Maybe you want to keep a very special moment just between you and your spouse, or maybe you want to keep a log of your child’s medical-related activities. Mark these as “Private” and only Crew members with special privileges that you set will be allowed to see these.

Who can add and remove people from the Crew?

Only Administrators can add family and friends to a child’s Crew. If you want to know who’s an Administrator of your child’s account, visit their Crew page.

What does it mean when I mark an activity as "Private"?

When an activity is marked as "Private," the only Crew members that will be able to see those activities by default are those members who you have designated "Access Level: All photos." They will be identified on your child’s Journal with a .


Where is data stored and is it secure?

The KinderCare App data is stored on Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure, one of the most secure cloud computing environments available.

Who has access to my data and is it private?

The KinderCare App takes privacy seriously. All photos and videos of your child are posted only to your account and no one else can access this information without your express consent. All account passwords are encrypted for additional security. For further information, please see the KinderCare privacy policy.

Who can see my photos and videos?

Photos and videos added to the Journal are visible only to your child's Crew. If you mark an activity as “Private”, only those Crew members that you have given privileges to will be able to see these activities. They are identified on the Journal with a lock icon. We take privacy seriously and will never share any photos or make them public without your explicit consent.

Who can see entries when I make them public?

When you mark an entry as "Public", that entry becomes available for all of your child's Crew members to view.

How do I get an answer to a question that’s not on this FAQ page?

Good question! Email us at or call us at 866-207-6109.