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HiMama Partners with World-Class Childventures Early Learning Academy

HiMama Partners with World-Class Childventures Early Learning Academy

HiMama, a Canadian company that helps working parents connect with their childcare providers through technology, is excited to announce a new partnership with a leader in the childcare sector, Childventures Early Learning Academy. HiMama enables early learning programs to send parents real-time messages, photos and videos, and digital reports about their child’s daily activities and learning.

TORONTO, ON (BUSINESS WIRE) June 17, 2014 - HiMama’s technology that connects busy, working parents with their childcare providers is being implemented in Childventures locations across the Greater Toronto Area.

Childventures is one of a growing number of innovative childcare programs across Canada that are leading the way in adopting HiMama’s tablet-based solution for communicating with parents. The technology, based on extensive research including interviews with early childhood educators and experts across Canada, empowers educators to record children’s activities using tablets and share real-time updates and daycare daily sheets with parents through email and mobile apps.

“Childventures has an excellent reputation as a leader in child development and we are honoured to be partnering with such a well-respected organization. Core to Childventures mission is partnering with families to develop children to their fullest potential and I am confident that HiMama will further enable them on this mission by helping their educators to connect and engage with families in this increasingly digital age,” said HiMama Co-Founder and CEO, Ron Spreeuwenberg.

Dr. Walter Heidary founded Childventures in 2002 out of a need for quality child care for his and his wife’s firstborn child. Their wish list for a childcare centre was a long one and now serves as the foundation for Childventures comprehensive approach to child care and early learning, which is increasingly viewed as the “gold standard” to which other centres are compared.

"We are so pleased to be partnering with HiMama. I see the use of this technology as a significant advancement for communications with our families at Childventures. The educators will be able to share daily experiences with real-time photos, capture special moments of each child's growth and provide digital developmental reports. In addition to daily verbal interactions with parents, HiMama gives an avenue for families to be more connected throughout their workday. I look forward to this new way of celebrating each child's daily experiences at Childventures,” stated Executive Director of Childventures Early Learning Academy, Margaret Czajkowski.

“Childventures continues to be a trailblazer and leads the way with innovation and high quality in the childcare industry. My husband and I were absolutely thrilled with the introduction of HiMama as we discovered that our kids’ days would be at our fingertips through real-time updates, along with photos and an easier way to communicate with teachers. We both have the HiMama mobile apps on our phones and look forward to receiving notifications to feel closer to our children when we are apart, knowing that they are in good hands, being cared for and having meaningful learning experiences. We also appreciate Childventures’ and HiMama’s environmental efforts to reduce waste through this paperless reporting system and applaud their advancement in technology. Not to mention, my purse will be a lot easier to manage without all the daily sheets piled up inside!” said a Childventures parent from their Vaughan location.

Childventures will add HiMama to their existing portfolio of world-class facility offerings, including biometric hand scanners for security and specialty rooms for children to immerse themselves in creative interests. It is expected that HiMama will further inform and educate parents on their children’s learning delivered through Childventures unique blend of curriculum that facilitates early learning and brain development, provides a smooth transition into school programs, and establishes a solid foundation for future learning. The individualized parent communications also acknowledges each child’s unique development path and helps bridge learning in program with learning at home.

“Childventures was founded on the realization that time with parents at home is a key to healthy development, but also that exposure to other children and experiences related to learning make for a more balanced child. The fact that HiMama connects these two important elements, development at home and learning within a quality childcare setting, is what makes Childventures such a great partner,” said Ron Spreeuwenberg.

Parents and childcare programs interested in learning more about HiMama can visit Parents interested in learning more about Childventures, which has centres in Ancaster, Burlington, Oakville (coming soon), Richmond Hill and Vaughan, can visit

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