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HiMama Enters U.S. Market with Technology that Connects Parents and Child Care Providers

HiMama Enters U.S. Market with Technology that Connects Parents and Child Care Providers

HiMama, a Canadian company that helps working parents connect with their child care providers through technology, is expanding into the U.S. to meet high demand for their solution. HiMama enables child care providers to send parents real-time messages, photos and videos, and digital reports about their child’s daily activities.

TORONTO, ON (PRWEB) April 23, 2014 - HiMama’s technology that connects busy, working parents with their child care providers across Canada is now being offered in the U.S. to meet high demand for their product.

Beginning in 2012, HiMama identified a gap in technology solutions offered in early childhood education. The company met with child care owners, directors, supervisors and early childhood educators to understand their challenges around documenting children’s activities and communicating this information to parents. What they found was that many child care programs still relied on pen and paper.

In September 2013 the company released a white paper on their research findings, Documentation in the Early Childhood Setting, and shortly thereafter launched their tablet-based documentation technology that has been gaining quick traction in the Canadian market due to the benefits to both parents and child care providers.

HiMama’s product enables early childhood educators to document children’s activities using any type of tablet device and send parents real-time updates and reports through email and HiMama's apps for iPhone and Android. Child care centers and early learning programs can enter everything from basic health-related information like food and fluid intake to child development observations to keep parents educated and informed.

“We have had a lot of success with our product. With an established customer base spanning from the west to east coast in Canada, entering the U.S. market is a natural progression for us,” stated HiMama Co-Founder & CEO, Ron Spreeuwenberg.

“Parents are often busy when dropping off and picking up their children from child care – on their way to work or soccer practice with another child hanging off their leg. By complimenting face-to-face interactions with real-time updates during the day and a child care digital daily report that can be read at their convenience, it helps them stay informed in a way that works for today’s busy parent,” said HiMama Co-Founder & Chief Technician, Alana Frome.

“Since implementing the HiMama program parents have been over the moon with the new information, the updates on programming and the pictures throughout the day. Parents are now able to communicate with children about what they did in our programs and can also be prepared for special events at our center. Some of our families are also adding additional family members to accounts and are now able to include them in everyday conversation,” stated Angela Valeri, a HiMama customer and Director of Operations at a child care center in Ontario.

“We hear amazing stories all the time from families praising HiMama. The mom who’s having a bad day at work and gets a cute video of her son that just makes her day, the dad who’s travelling a lot for work and now gets updates at the same time as mom, the grandparents who live on the other side of the country and now feel much more connected to their grandchild. We love hearing these stories,” said Ron Spreeuwenberg.

The child care sector more broadly is also getting on board with HiMama to modernize operations and align parent communication strategies to the latest pedagogical base of knowledge. It is becomingly increasingly well understood, for example, that family engagement is a critical component of a child’s early education. Bridging the gap between learning in program and learning at home, which HiMama enables, is a clear benefit to a child’s development. Also, providing individualized parent communication in child care further acknowledges children’s unique development paths.

Parents and child care programs interested in learning more about HiMama can visit to read more about their child care reports. Child care programs in the U.S. interested in joining HiMama should contact a representative at 1-800-905-1876 or

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HiMama ( aims to deliver smiles and protect memories. Founded in 2012, HiMama is on the fast track to becoming a leading provider of documentation and communication solutions to the child care sector through top quality products and services.

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