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Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines

Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines

The Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines are accessible for Oklahoma child care and early learning programs through the HiMama app to help you with lesson planning, developmental observations, online portfolios and development reports. HiMama makes documentation and reporting (including DSS charts) of children’s learning and development in alignment with Oklahoma guidelines quick and easy so that educators can spend less time on documentation and paperwork and more time with children.

If you want to align to Oklahoma quality guidelines without all the paperwork and late nights, get a free demo to learn more about HiMama with Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines.

Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines: Overview

Created with the intentions of creating consistence amongst early childhood programs across the state of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Child Care Services, created framework which include commonly held expectations developed through best practices and observations for children from birth to five years of age.

The Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines indicates that a teacher is not just an individual in a classroom, parents, caregivers and family as well as any individual who supports or provides guidance for children all fall under this category. Used to compliment a curriculum, and not to replace it, the guidelines work to assist teachers in recognizing what a child knows as well as what they are capable of. Teachers are able to use the guidelines with their curriculums as all areas of development, from social and emotion to cognitive and language have been included to optimize the development of the child as a whole.

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The Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines was developed by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Child Care Services. There are two guidelines based on age group. One for ages 0 through 36 months and another for ages three through five.

For more information visit the Oklahoma Department of Human Services website.