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Preschool Classroom Management

Managing behavior in a preschool classroom is not easy, but we are here to help. With HiMama you can easily record updates and generate reports for parents and your own future use. All the information you need will now be in a single spot. What a relief!

illustration of a teacher sitting and using her laptop next to a screenshot of a digital report

Easily record multiple behavior notes from a single screen


Max is feeling slightly adventurous in the morning and extremely sleepy in the afternoon? Our mood tracker allows you to record any mood changes you notice throughout the day.


Sam has a fever or simply a runny nose? Document health updates for your future use and generate weekly or monthly reports. As this contains sensitive information, it will not be shared with parents.


Charlie ate all his breakfast but only half of his lunch? Easily record every meal and how much it was consumed by each kiddo. To make things even easier, you can pre-populate the meal plan in advance.