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Preschool Classroom Management

Managing behavior in a preschool classroom is not easy, but we are here to help. With HiMama you can easily record updates and generate reports for parents and your own future use. All the information you need will now be in a single spot. What a relief!

illustration of a teacher sitting and using her laptop next to a screenshot of a digital report

Easily record multiple behavior notes from a single screen


illustration of three emotions: a surprised face, an angry face and a nauseated face

Max is feeling slightly adventurous in the morning and extremely sleepy in the afternoon? Our mood tracker allows you to record any mood changes you notice throughout the day.


illustration of two band-aids

Sam has a fever or simply a runny nose? Document health updates for your future use and generate weekly or monthly reports. As this contains sensitive information, it will not be shared with parents.


illustration of meals: banana, apple, orange juice and hamburger

Charlie ate all his breakfast but only half of his lunch? Easily record every meal and how much it was consumed by each kiddo. To make things even easier, you can pre-populate the meal plan in advance.

Managing your preschool classroom can be easy (well, easiER)

93% of customers agree they save time on reporting by using our childcare app for check in, attendance and more

Now it is possible to stay on top of everything

development report showing pie chart with development domains and table with date, skill, age, and indicators
  • The development dashboard contains all the activities your worked on with each child, broken down by domain and age range. Great to show parents during meetings!

  • The activity planner allows you to pre-populate all the activities you are going to work on in the next week or month. Recording observations will be a breeze!

  • The child’s profile contains all information you need for each kiddo, such as allergies, weekly schedule, health log and attendance report. Talk about organization!

Improve the quality of your program and stand out from competition.

Give parents the information they need

According to a study by the University of Guelph (2019) about HiMama, “parents identified that by having access to their child’s experiences during the day they felt more equipped in making responsive parenting decisions after care hours.”

There are many more features to improve your daycare

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