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Lesson Planning

There is much effort involved in planning your childcare activities. Lesson planning often involves staying late at the center or spending lunch breaks writing out notes and learning experiences. Not anymore! With our lesson plan app, you can maximize your time and create plans that perfectly suit your children's needs and interests.

Our lesson plan app can be used before, during and after class

Before class

Visit your classroom’s activity planner and add subjects and activities in advance. You can tag age range, developmental skills and domains, and also add the materials you are going to need for each activity.

During class

Take pictures and add to the children’s profile by selecting the activity you planned beforehand. You can easily import it from the activity planner and add to each child’s daily report.

After class

View past weeks’ activity planners on the calendar. You can review the activities you carried during each week or month, and even reuse the same subjects from the previous week.

Plan your lessons in less time

93% of customers agree they save time on reporting by using our childcare app for check in, attendance and more

Still planning your lessons by hand? It is time to go digital

  • Lesson planning in childcare usually follows five areas of human development that have different milestones for each developmental stage.

  • With our app, you can easily tag every activity with the correspondent developmental skill, such as cognitive, sensory or physical.

  • Plus, it is super quick and easy to use. You can plan your lessons from the device of your preference: using your computer, tablet or phone.

close up screenshot of lesson planner showing math subject with two activities scheduled for monday

Improve the quality of your program and showcase all your hard work

Create lesson plans catered to your children

With quick access to program observations and children’s development assessments you’ll be able to plan your activities based on children’s needs and interests.