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Digital Daycare Daily Sheets

With our childcare daily app, all you have to do by checkout time is click “Send Report”. All the activities your registered during the day will be included in a comprehensive report for each child. HiMama is your dream come true.

woman sitting on a park bench checking her phone next to a screenshot of a digital report

Say goodbye to time-consuming paper reports


All the fun and engaging activities you recorded during the day will be automagically incorporated into a digital daily report, complete with pictures and notes.

Meals, Naps, Bathroom, Mood

The daily report provides a comprehensive view of the child’s day for parents, including what the kiddo ate, nap times, bathroom breaks and mood updates.


Need more diapers, wipes or cream? You can easily include notes for parents and be sure they will be read. Now you don’t have to ask more than once.