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We're here to help your center navigate the 'new normal'

HiMama is proud to be the #1 rated, reviewed and trusted childcare software. From new product features, to dedicated training, we have worked with childcare centers (big and small) to navigate through the 'new normal'.

Features designed to align to your local regulations and give your families peace of mind

Contactless Check-In

Parents can now check-in, add drop-off notes, or mark absent using their own device. No paper and pens required.

Temperature Checks & Health Screens

Digitally log temperatures on arrival as well as throughout the day. Pull reports on health checks, export the data, and share with parents seamlessly in one platform.

Centralized Messaging Center

Provide your parents with a centralized hub for all of your communications from center updates to important alerts.

Automated Daily Parent Questionnaires

Schedule messages ahead of time to automatically send daily health questionnaires to your families.

Ratio Alerts

Set your target ratios per classroom to ensure that your are following local guidelines.

Contactless Payments

Invoice and collect payments through our automated digital payment platform.

No More Paper

No more paper daily reports, documentation - keep everything digitally and in one place.

In Person, Remote & Hybrid

Our platform supports in-person, remote and hybrid so that we can seamlessly support your families.