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Child Portfolios

Transform your developmental observations and evidence into digital child portfolios to capture development over time - from their first day in childcare to graduation.

Portfolios are a Great Tool to Follow a Child’s Journey

Tracks Learning Over Time

Follows the child from class to class to provide one view to track their development.

Ties Milestones to Development

Linked to learning milestones to tell powerful learning stories aligned to regional frameworks.

Puts Everything in One Place

No more stacks of binders, or managing multiple systems. HiMama stores and backs up all your data auto-magically!

Get Dedicated One on One Support to Transition Your Staff, Parents and Center From Day One

Change can be tough - we’re here to help. We’ll design a custom training program and assign you a dedicated resource. They will transition your center seamlessly depending on your size, curriculum, location, and systems you currently use

Preschool Portfolios Designed With Learning and Development in Mind

  • Highlights gaps in programming: having everything in one place helps educators gain quick insights into which areas of development they need to focus on in their classroom

  • Aligns to local framework: evidence and milestones are aligned to your state or provincial framework

  • Increase your quality rating: provides your center with digital documentation and portfolios to align with your state or provincial quality rating standards.

Our staff and parents are loving HiMama! I am sure parents may drop off in the morning and wonder “what does my child do all day?” Sending photos and using the activity planner helps us promote our program. Another nice feature is conserving paper use and copier use. Our staff and parents love the development assessment and indicators.

- Anne M. Childcare Center Director

Over 1 Billion Moments Captured

We have worked with centers big and small to capture over 672 million moments worldwide. Join the thousands of childcare leaders who have leveraged our program to grow their business, boost staff & parent happiness and improve learning outcomes.

Save Fifteen Hours a Week on Documentation

HiMama has been proven to save centers 3 hours a day on average by streamlining their documentation (it’s true!).

Creating Beautiful Child Portfolios with Developmental Evidence is Easy

1 - Select a meaningful moment

Select a meaningful photo, video or collage from your observations of an activity you’d like to include in a child’s portfolio.

2 - Add the skills and indicators

Select the age range, domain, skill, and applicable indicators, and tap “Create Entry”.

3 - You’re done!

The entry will be automatically uploaded into their Developmental Evidence report and be added to their portfolio.

HiMama Preschool Portfolios

Learning & Development Features

  • Tag developmental domains, skills and indicators

  • Developmental Evidence Capture

  • Development Evidence Snapshot

  • Ounce & Work Sampling Assessments [Additional Fee]

Supported Media

  • Photos

  • Videos

  • Collages

Aligns With Frameworks

  • All US States

  • All Canadian Provinces

  • Custom Frameworks [Additional Fee]

Training & Support

  • Dedicated Onboarding Specialist

  • Easy Switch Program - Paper

  • Easy Switch Program - Digital

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