Child Portfolios

Take your collections of childrens' work and progress online with HiMama's digital portfolios. The perfect supplement to binders with arts and crafts created by children, HiMama's portfolios allow families to view a child's development in a beautiful timeline - from their first day in childcare to graduation.

Your activities binders have a new BFF

  • A digital portfolio is the perfect supplement to a traditional binder, with an online overview of all your activities.
  • It is easily accessible by both teachers and parents, and to make things even better, it is automatically generated.
  • As educators record photos, stories and other observations in the classroom, they are added to the portfolio of each child.

Empower teachers to display the results of their work

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Now parents will know what you are working on

  • It is extremely easy for parents to access the portfolio from anywhere and stay up-to-date with what is happening in class.
  • Parents can use their home computer or smartphone and stay informed and involved with their child’s development.
  • Parent-facing portfolios include pictures, notes and even the skills each activity is developing.

Portfolios are a great tool to follow a child’s journey

  • Portfolios are extremely helpful to see a child’s experiences in a well-presented, organized format.
  • By having all these activities grouped in a single place, educators and parents can have a great overview of the activities each child is working on.
  • You can add pictures to the portfolios of all children at once, which is great for group activities. But not all kids are the same; you can also add pictures individually.

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With HiMama, creating beautiful portfolios is easy

  • Creating a portfolio does not have to be difficult. You can use the same pictures you are sending to parents on a daily basis.
  • Educators have the option to choose which pictures they want to include on the children’s portfolio or not.
  • You can also choose between using single pictures for each activity or creating collages with multiple pictures at once.

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